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Gala Time on Achieving 50,000 Registrations Milestone

By shivani
June 20, 2018
4 min Read
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Gala Time on Achieving 50,000 Registrations Milestone

Achieved 50,000 Registrations

3 years back pCloudy came into existence to disrupt the mobile app testing eco-space. We are proud to say that today we have achieved 50000 registrations in such a short span of time. More than 50,000 users have registered with pCloudy, and over 20,000 of them signed up just this year. It would not have been possible without our users’ constant trust and support.

Do you know what makes us proud?

What really makes us proud is to see that we have trusted customers now spread all over the world!! It’s an just an indication of what’s yet to come, we are geared up for way more! As we look ahead, these results give us the inspiration to continue working towards making mobile app testing seamless and future-ready.

Now, let us talk about all the fun, excitement, surprises and rewards that unfolded throughout the day. And the best part was there were surprises for both customers and employees.

Moving towards the surprises for customers, thank-you gifts and cards were sent to our loyal customers as a token of our gratitude. We also sent tokens of appreciation to all the new users who registered on our platform on this day.

Thank you

That’s not all!!

We also had a special gift for the 50,000 user who registered on pCloudy yesterday. The winner of this special gift is Srinivas Chitturi. Many congratulations to the lucky winner!

Moving on to the fun events planned for pCloudians, I am sure each one of us had a blast throughout the day. Surprises started to unfold as soon as we entered office. The entire office was decorated in blue, white and red balloons which actually gave each one of us a happy feeling.

Next, I reached my workstation and wow it had the most wonderful comment for me kept in front of a beautiful desktop plant with a gratitude message from our Co-founder Avinash Tiwari -“Thanks for walking 50,000 miles with us”. What else could you have asked for! It was the most wonderful feeling any employee could expect.


The organizers of the event did a wonderful job in keeping the next event in line, a surprise which made all of us a bit curious about what’s coming up next. Avinash addressed all the pCloudians with the most motivating and goal-oriented speech. Hey! it was neither boring nor a long speech so everyone was hooked to it till the end. All of us came to know about the journey of pCloudy and the goal each one of us has to focus for the coming year.

Avinash Speech

And, the most important about the raises and hike. Now you know… why everyone was hooked to his speech till the end.


Some of the oldest pCloudians were facilitated for walking these 50,000 miles facing all the ups and downs with it.



Now that pCloudians were motivated, we got the most interesting thing to do. We recited the pCloudy anthem. Do you want to know what it is? It is about pCloudy values and goals.

pcloudy anthem

It was followed by cake-cutting and fun-games.

cake cutting

Each one of us was asked to create graffiti on either “Walking 50000 miles with pCloudy” or “Tea time talks at pCloudy”. No wonder we have some hidden talent among us. You yourself have a look at it.



There was a team activity – Poster making competition which was again thrilling as teams were asked to make a poster in 30 minutes on any of the 4 topics – pCloudy’s core values, The way we work @pCloudy, The most wanted @pCloudy and Advertise your team.

Graphic Activities

The posters that came out at the end of half an hour were worth appreciating. Artists or non-artists all made the best use of this opportunity to showcase their talent and came out with some hilarious perspective of working at pCloudy. All the posters were outstandingly imagined that we rolled on the floor laughing. And, our jury had a difficult time deciding the winner and so all were declared as winners.

poster result

Last but of course not the least in line was the game – How well you know your colleagues. There were chits with some unique feature about each employee and the pCloudian who picked up the chit had to identify the colleague. It was the best as all of us had our sides split laughing on the comments made in the chit. And the best part was the comments were funny without offending anyone. The day ended with all of us attacking on pizzas and beverages.


It is definitely a milestone worth celebration and motivation for many more celebrations like this…


She is a Product Marketer with over 9 years of diversified experience across content, branding, and product marketing. Her experience ranges from global brands to nimble startups. She is a custodian of Brand & Content, telling stories about the brand that delights customers and provides compelling business value.

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5 Reasons Why Appium is The Best Mobile Automation Testing Tool on Device Cloud

By priyanka
June 15, 2018
5 min Read
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5 Reasons Why Appium is The Best Mobile Automation Testing Tool on Device Cloud

Why Appium is The Best?

With Appium creating a buzz in enterprise mobility, mobility teams are still finding ways to successfully automate tests leveraging Appium. Appium being an open source tool is the perfect choice for automating native, mobile web and hybrid applications on their respective platforms.

Let us now see the major factors behind Appium being the best choice for mobile automation tool:

Test App
An impressive expression by showing why to choose Appium

1. Use of standard API: Appium is widely popular because modification of codes or a recompilation of your app is not required as it uses the standard API in all the platforms. Appium makes it effortless to create your tests against iOS and Android platforms with same API. But, separate iOS and Android scripts are still needed as the UI elements vary on both the platforms.

2. Use any WebDriver compatible language: Appium gives the freedom from getting locked into a particular language or framework to write and run the tests. Any WebDriver compatible language like Perl with Selenium WebDriver API, Java, PHP, C#, Python, Ruby, Javascript with Node.js can be used for writing the tests.

3. Testing Framework of Choice: Appium gives flexibility to mobility teams to use testing framework of their choice. Earlier, tests could only be written through Javascript using the UI Automation of library for Apple or Java based tests could only be written through UI Automator of Google. Appium completely changed this scenario.

4. Cross-platform test automation: Having the capabilities to test on both Android and iOS devices makes it the best cross-platform mobile app test automation tool. In order to interact with Android and iOS with Selenium WebDriver, Appium uses the JSON wire protocol. Appium makes use of the libraries provided by Apple with the help of an application called Instruments to automate iOS apps. In newer versions of iOS after v9.3, the Instruments api has been deprecated and now use XCUITest framework.
The method is similar in Android also where Appium proxies the automation command to the UIAutomator test case running on the device. Android has a native UI automation framework called UIAutomator which supports running JUnit test cases from the command line directly into the device.

5. Open Source: Being an open source testing framework is one of the biggest advantages of Appium as it supports Simulators, Emulators, real devices, and of course, native, hybrid and web application testing of iOS and Android. Appium having a large and thriving open community makes it easier for new automation engineers to clarify their doubts.

You can instigate test scripts created from Appium libraries locally, on a session reserved by the Cloud, for any iOS or Android device. Appium integrates with continuous integration servers to ensure better results and drives GUI-related widgets and controls, allowing the same scripts to run for different software versions of various apps. Appium can automate native, web and hybrid mobile apps, and you can test on a real device, a simulator, or an emulator. It also supports Safari on iOS and Chrome Mozilla or any built-in ‘Browser’ app on Android.

There are many automation tools for mobile application testing. Testers usually choose Appium as the best mobile testing tool. Mobile automation testing tools comparison can be done on the basis of language support and continuous integration. The most common automation testing tools used for mobile application testing are Appium, Robotium, and Calabash. If you are looking for iOS app automation testing tools then Appium and Calabash can do the job for you.

Here is tabular representation for you to understand Appium’s compatibility with different features and tools.

Appium Automation Testing Tools

Why mobile device cloud with built-in Appium support?

Teams who are getting started with Automation or are considering Appium as an option, must explore an alternative to go for a mobile device cloud with built-in Appium.

A mobile device cloud not only assists in managing and sharing devices, but also helps in streamlining automated testing and continuous delivery processes. A mobile device cloud with built-in Appium makes it easy for teams to get started with automation and scale up later. Furthermore, it will give additional cushion against any sort of roadblock that might occur while using an open-source platform for tests. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of having a built-in Appium support on a mobile device cloud:

  • Supports parallel testing on multiple devices
  • Reduces the complexity of test frameworks
  • Creation of appium scripts become easy
  • Streamlines the CI/CD process

At pCloudy, we are dedicated towards helping enterprise mobility teams make the process of mobile development, testing and device sharing seamless and faster by integrating it with cutting edge tools like Appium. Read this blog to get a comprehensive analysis sheet to quickly choose which open-source test automation tool will be right for your automation testing.

Sign up on pCloudy and automate your tests using best open source automation tool for faster and better delivery of apps.

For more information check out this video:


Tech Blogger - She writes about Technology, Mobile Application Development, Internet of Things, E-commerce, Computing and Design with the aim to coalesce new media and technology.

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pCloudy Announces Availability of iOS 12 Devices on Cloud

By shivani
June 11, 2018
1 min Read
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pCloudy Announces Availability of iOS 12 Devices on Cloud

iOS 12 Now Available in pCloudy

We are committed to keep you ahead of others: pCloudy is one of the fastest to release support of iOS 12 beta devices on cloud.

iOS 12 new Version

Apple iPhone 6


She is a Product Marketer with over 9 years of diversified experience across content, branding, and product marketing. Her experience ranges from global brands to nimble startups. She is a custodian of Brand & Content, telling stories about the brand that delights customers and provides compelling business value.

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