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We know BFSI and FINTECH are at the

Forefront Of Digital Transformation


per year through 2024,

Growth rate expected of global mobile payments


used by 2026

Expected in Digital Payments Segment


users by 2023

In proximity mobile payment transaction Segment


Revenue Growth by 2023

Expected in Neobank segment

But, We Understand Your Struggles Too

Consumer Exprerience

Performance Failures

Privacy and Security

Legal Compliance

Device Fragmentation

Receiving data from external applications

Test over local networks

Omni Channel Testing

Bank On Us To Solve All Your Testing Challenges

Device Lab

Browser Lab

Rapid Automation

Automation Execution

Test Analytics


Get Assurance And Security With Our Rigorous Compliance Structure

We Have Multiple Customer Success
Stories Among BFSI/Fintech Segment
One Of Them Is Here-

A Fortune 500 financial company based out of the USA could save more than 60k in mobile device testing costs and increased device footprint by 12x from the previous solution

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