Helped a European Banking Firm cut down on their App Testing Costs by 20X

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One of the leading digital European banks that has been operating for more than 15 years and providing retail banking products and services in the European region. The company predominantly offers its services and products through various online channels and mobile banking platforms. A lot of their efforts go into ensuring a seamless digital experience across their product offerings to ensure a flawless consumer experience.

Company Size:

Business Challenges

With a lot of emphasis on ensuring a flawless consumer experience across all their digital portfolio with a major focus on their banking application it becomes imperative that the need to test their platforms across multiple real devices is a non-negotiable.

One of the biggest challenges that the banking firm faced was the lack of a system to acquire real devices faster and more efficiently. The current process that they used was a drawback as it took a lot of time and effort to set up the physical devices and also had restricted verification to test across these devices.

The cost of procurement of these devices was another major setback as acquiring new devices and maintaining them was not a cost-effective solution to budget in.

Parallel testing was another bottleneck as testing was more restricted to sequential testing by the user physically.

Our Solution

One of the real doubts that exist in the banking space is the need for high security standards to ensure an absolutely safe and secure environment to test their applications and platforms. Clearing the various security standards and compliances that were set made it easy for the banking firm to rely on pCloudy’s cloud-based testing platform.

The cloud-based testing solution was found easier and more beneficial as compared to the drawback of purchasing new devices from time to time and maintaining them. The decision was narrowed down to two vendors for their Private and Public cloud offerings. However, taking into consideration the cost, flexibility and security, pCloudy’s private cloud solution was deemed more adaptable and user-friendly.

pCloudy’s private cloud devices were used for both manual and automation testing of the firm's mobile application. Regression and Functional testing were performed with much ease on the platform and they could scale up their automation to a great extent. Parallel testing on unlimited devices together made their releases much faster.


pCloudy’s solution to provide multiple devices virtually over the cloud along with the flexibility of choosing your device models helped the bank in scaling their testing efforts. The capabilities of Parallel Testing, Automation and secured test environments with all the security compliances in place made it all the more easy for the firm to rely on pCloudy as their go-to testing platform.

The customer is immensely satisfied with the services rendered to them as it has greatly met and transformed their automation and manual testing needs. So much so that the contract was extended to render the service for three consecutive years.

With a large test infrastructure and a robust set of features and capabilities pCloudy was able to help the banking firm save previous revenue by 20X.

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