Local Testing of Android Devices using PDA
  • 12 Jul 2023
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Local Testing of Android Devices using PDA

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This documentation will help you with the steps to connect to android devices from your local machine using the PDA. Incase you haven't downloaded or installed the PDA on your system or need help with the installation please click here.

This feature allows you to connect an android Device virtually to your local machine and use it to debug from any IDE (Eclipse, Andoird Studio, XCode, etc).


  • Users should have already downloaded and installed the PDA application on their system
  • Users should be registered on the pCloudy platform.
  • The ADB path will be detected automatically on the authentication screen when you start the PDA.
    But if its not detected automatically, you will have to enter the ADB path, refer to the example below.
    Example-: /Users/USERNAME/AppData/Local/Android/sdk/platform-tools/adb

Steps to Use Android Tunnel

  1. Click on Android tunnel feature. All the devices present on the cloud will appear under selected device section.
  2. Select the device, the duration and click on start device tunnel
  3. Once the process is initialized, your devices will be blocked and a Success notification will appear. Once the device is connected, it will appear in PDA under connected device label.
  4. Once the process is successfully initiated, user can see the success notification.
  5. Open a terminal/cmd in the computer. Enter command adb devices
  6. Goto the Device page and click on” My Bookings”. Connect the device by clicking on the Cloud button as shown below
  7. Once the connection is established, allow USB debugging. Now the user can push ADB commands to the device.
  8. To disconnect the device, click on Disconnect button or you can disconnect the device from the portal also.

Steps to add multiple cloud

For Version PDA 1.0

  1. Click on Add cloud and Enter the details
  2. Once the cloud is added the user can switch between the cloud using Active Logins filter.

For Version PDA 2.0

User can select multiple cloud by using the drop down menu on the pCloudy Desktop Assistant application 2.0.

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