• 02 Mar 2023
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NUnit is an open-source unit testing framework for the .NET Framework and Mono. It serves the same purpose as JUnit does in the Java world, and is one of many programs in the xUnit family. This framework is very easy to work with and has user-friendly attributes for working.


  • NUnit Framework must be installed your machine


  1. Open the solution file "Appium pCloudy Test.sln"
  2. Enter your pCloudyEmail & pCloudyApiKey (you will get this from your Settings->API section in pCloudy website)
  3. Right click on the AppiumWeb or AppiumNative project and 'Set as Startup Project'
  4. Execute the project(or press F5).
  5. Visual Studio should first fetch the dependencies from Nuget and then start the execution.
  6. Follow the instructions in the Console application to proceed

The complete sample and documentation are available in the pCloudy GitHub Repository

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