Screenshots and Bug logging
  • 12 Jul 2023
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Screenshots and Bug logging

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This feature enables users to take screenshots for reference and log a bug while performing testing. As pCloudy is integrated with Jira, users can simply log a bug in their Jira.


  • Login to the pCloudy platform
  • Upload the app from your local system.
  • Go to the Devices Page
  • User should have their JIRA account accessible from public IP.


  1. Login to the JIRA account.
  2. Acquire a device, install the application under test.
  3. In order to take a screenshot, click "Screenshot" icon.
    a 1x1 pixel screenshot along with the skin of the device will be captured and will automatically appear on right hand side of the screen under the Screenshot Tab.
  4. Hover your mouse over the screenshot and select the edit button.
  5. Mark the affected area in the app using the Pen tool or Text, you can also adjust the color and thickness of the pen or the characters.
  6. Once you have highlighted the affected area in the screenshot. Click on the "Save" icon. You will need to name the Screenshot and click on "Confirm Save".
  7. Click on "Collaborate" button to log a bug to your JIRA account directly from here.
DeleteThis feature enable user to delete the screenshot, select the screenshot that you wish to delete and click on delete icon. The selected screenshot will be deleted.
DownloadThis feature enables user to download the screenshot. Select the screenshot which you wish to download and click on download icon. Screenshot will be downloaded.
EditThis feature enable user to Edit the screen shot. Once you click below mentioned icon will appear at top of screenshot.
JIRAJIRA integration with pCloudy allows you to log a bug in JIRA.

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