Instrumenting Android Apps
  • 23 Mar 2023
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Instrumenting Android Apps

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The Android faternity had introduced the ability to perform authentication via TouchID to enable secure and effortless access to the application. But it turns out to be a hindrance for mobility teams while testing their Android apps on devices over cloud. To ease out the process of authenticating TouchID manually every time, you can now bypass the TouchID verification in your apps using our utility.


  • Must be a register pCloudy User
  • Have access to Android devices on the platform

Steps to Instrument Android Apps

  1. From the Start Page, go to the "My Data" page.
  2. Click on Upload File and select the desired APK file.
  3. Once the file is uploaded, Click on the three dots on the Andorid Icon and select "Sensor Testing."
  4. The APK file will get instrumented and a success notification will appear on the bottom.
  5. Once the Android app is instrumented, you can click on the Plus sign (+) against the app to confirm.
  6. Now you can simply install the instrumented app on the android device to test for Image Scan or Biometric Authentication.

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