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Becoming Indistractible !


Today might seem as the Golden Age of Distraction but it's nothing new. Ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, struggled with distraction 2500 years before Smartphone's came into existence. Socrates and Aristotle have studied about the nature of Akrasia - our tendency to lose self control and act against our better judgment, ages back. So, Distraction has been with us for a very long time, only the sources of distraction have changed over time.


Being distracted costs us a lot. Not being able to commit our entire focus on what we are doing makes us miss deadlines, cause mistakes and not reach our full potential. We might blame technology for the constant feed of entertainment, information and noise but it's not technologies fault. There is no aspect of our life that is affected without our decision on how we spend our time, how we pay our attention and how we want to shape our life.


There are two kinds of people in the world, people who let their time, their attention and their lives to be controlled by other people / things. On the other hand there are people who say "No, I'm not distractible. I decide how I spend my time, attention and life". People who fall under the latter category are the ones with the super power of tomorrow.


Imagine how incredible it would be if we possess the super power of tomorrow! How effective you'd be at work? How successful you could be? How much happier you would be?


Staying focused without being distracted is a skill that can be developed by all of us. In the coming days I'll share multitude of hacks, strategies, tips and tricks that have been developed by experts to improve our focus and do that deep work we've been talking about.


But first let's imagine what our life would be like if we were not distracted? I can list a few from my life as example.

  • If I don't binge watch Netflix shows on weekend, I could complete reading a book
  • If I didn't find reasons to procrastinate, I wouldn't be working on this after work hours and miss my evening walk.
  • If I didn't read every article that's related to this topic while I'm writing this probably I would've concentrated better and finished my work earlier.

Think of such specific ways how your life would improve if you do not get distracted and share them on the comments below!

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Jeroline is a HR generalist at pCloudy. She is actively involved in planning, developing, and implementing all the HR functions. She is someone who loves to read a little too much and has an affinity to learn new languages.

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