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Integrating pCloudy with Cordova


Cordova is an open source mobile app development framework which helps users build cross-platform mobile applications that are highly scalable and agile. The use of common scripting languages such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript for cross platform development.Cordova has an edge over the others simply due to the coverage of the framework. Cordova developers looked for a seamless way of creating apps on a command line tool. Now, pCloudy real devices on the cloud can be accessed by running a few commands on the command line interface.


  • JDK 8 and above
  • Android-sdk latest version
  • Cordova

Step 1

Connect any Android device using Command prompt interface

Step 2

Once the device is connected, the user can use the connected device to build the cordova app. To build the Cordova app run command cordova run android

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Step 3

After the successful build, the app will get installed on pcloudy device which you had connected to your system.


Step 4

You can debug this through chrome debugger.

Step 5

If you want to exit from the device tunnel jar, type ‘EXIT/exit’.