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Logging bugs in Git


We have integrated GitHub with our platform and now users can upload the test findings directly into GitHub repository from pCloudy while performing Manual testing.


  • User should be registered on pCloudy platform
  • User should have Github account
  • Steps

Step 1

Login to your registered account goto profile and select Settings in dropdown list.


Step 2

Click on the Github tab.


Step 3

User will be directed to the GitHub registration page where users need to enter the URL and the Access Key and then click on Register.


Step 4

Once user registers, success message appears on screen.


Step 5

Go to the device page and connect a device.

Step 6

In the device interaction page after performing the testing, click on Collaborate at the top right corner and in the drop-down list click on Log a bug in GitHub.


Step 7

A new window will open where you can log an issue and provide a description.


Step 8

User need to select the Repositories, issue type and give a title to the issue.


Step 9

In the description box, you can write the details about the bug and click on the Log An Issue In GitHub.


Step 10

Once the issue is reported in GitHub from pCloudy, you can check in your GitHub repository where the issue is login in.