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Connect to a Device

Now we come to the most actionable page in the platform - The Devices page where we get all the required information about devices that a user looks for.

  • In order to test an app on a device in pCloudy platform, login to your account using your ID and password.
  • Go to the Device page where you can find a comprehensive list of devices.

You can search for a device by the name, OS (android/iOS) version, or model number or by applying filters. To Know more refer : Find a device

Note - For steps on "Connect a device" in the older UI version, please scroll down.

Steps to Connect to a Device on the Platform (New UI)

Step 1 - Login to the platform with your register ID and password.

Step 2 - On the Start Page Click on "Devices"

Connect to a device

Step 3 - On the Devices Page, simply click on "Connect" and run your app tests on the available devices on the platform.

Connect to a device

Step 4 - On the Device Connection page, you can perform various tasks on the device using different actions listed under "All Actions" and "Quick Actions".

Connect to a device

Happy Testing!

Steps to Connect to a Device (Old UI)

Connect to a device available on Cloud: You can connect to a device available on pCloudy platform instantly and perform any testing operation. This does not require reserving the device in advance.

Connect to a device

Device will be connected as shown below

Connect to a device

Here is a list of legends you might come across while trying to connect to a device.

Connect Devices available on cloud to test apps instantly
NATimeDevices are busy/ already in use by other user
Send MailDevices are offline and are not available for public cloud users
restrictedPaid devices that can only be accessed after purchasing a subscription plan

Send Email request for offline device

  • For offline device user can sent request email for that device support by clicking on the icon as shown below
offline icon