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User Management

You can make changes in the team management, assign a new role to an existing user or add/delete a user.

To do that, first, you need to click on the profile name at the top right corner of the window.

Then click on System Admin in the drop-down list.

You will navigate to the CONFIG SETTINGS section where under the User Management tab you will see Pending Registrations.

Pending Registrations

In the list, you will see the Name of the users, Email, Status and the Action.

When the new user signs up, his details will show in the list of pending registrations.

When you get a request, you can approve the user by clicking on the check mark under the Action or Reject the user by clicking on the cross mark.

If you don't take any action then it will show Approve Pending.

You can also Reapprove the user if you had Deactivated the user earlier. Once you reject the user details will be deleted from the list and then he/she will have to register again and send a new user request to get it approved.

Team Management

On the left side of the window, you will see Team Management under Pending Registration.

Using team-management, you can promote the approved user as Admin.

Admin has the privilege to create a team

While promoting a default team name will be assigned for the promoted admin

Let's see the steps-:

Click on create Team:
A pop up will appear which consist of two fields
a) Admin: it consists of the name of all approved user. You can choose the name whom who wish to promote as admin.
b) Team name: after selecting the name a default team name will be assigned which can further be edited by Admin.

Here you can create up to 5 teams by clicking on the Create Team button.

In the new window, you need to select the Admin from the drop-down list and give a name to the team. System Admin can promote any user as a Team Admin.

Assign Role

In Assign Role section under the Team management, you will see the System Admin Name, Email, and Action.

To add a new system admin you need to click on Add System Admin button, then enter the email ID in the new window and click on Add.

To remove the system admin click on the cross button under Action.

If the System Admin goes on leave then he/she can make any User/Team Admin as System Admin.

Note :
• All System Admins have the same power.
• There should be an upper limit on the no of System Admins (e.g. 5).
• There should be a minimum of 1 System Admin.
• All System Admins should be informed by email if any action has taken place here at the System Admins level.


In the Users section, you will get a list of all the users with their details like Email,Credits, Type, Team Name and Action.

To filter the user's list by their role you need to click on All dropdown list next to the Refresh button.

In the drop-down list, you can select the role type, for example, if you choose Admin then you will get a list of all the Admins only.

You can also Demote a Team Admin or a System Admin to a lower role by clicking on the down arrow or Deactivate the user by clicking on the minus button under Action.
Once the user is deactivated, the record goes to Pending Registration. If there is a single Team Admin in a team then that Team Admin cannot be demoted. Any user can first be demoted and then deactivated.