Mobile Device Coverage Report 2019

Selecting the right set of devices for maximum device coverage is the need of the hour. The market is flooded with hundreds of mobile device manufacturing companies. How do you ensure that the devices you are choosing are the right set that will give you the maximum coverage.

This report is our effort to collect the research data and share the report regarding most popular devices in 2020. It gives you a glance at the list of popular devices from India and US on which the app tests should be performed to gain the maximum coverage.

Download your copy to get the device ranking from India and US based on popularity and device coverage on our cloud.

A Look Inside


1. Introduction

2. Challenges Due To Device Fragmentation

3. The Methodology Used To Create This Report

4. Popular Mobile Devices And OS (US)

5. Popular Mobile Devices And OS (India)

6. Device Planner: An Ideal Solution

7. About pCloudy

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