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Upcoming Webinar

Test your apps on iOS 13 to find out how it is affected

Test your apps on iOS 13 to find out how it is affected

In this webinar we will learn how to test the apps with the new features in iOS 13. We will also talk about debugging using Device Tunnel on the latest release and we will also give you a live demo of test automation on iOS 13.

Past Webinars

Mobile App Testing – Emerging Trends A Modern Enterprise Shouldn’t Miss

Listen to find out the intricacies of the mobile app testing market and how enterprises can adapt to these changes to stay ahead in the competition with this Joint Webinar by FORRESTER and pCloudy.


Move towards futuristic app testing with AI And DevOps

New technologies and processes like Agile, DevOps, AI, and predictive analysis are being introduced in testing to achieve Quality@Speed. Find out about the multiple use cases in this webinar in which the power of AI and DevOps is utilized to make mobile app testing effortless and fast.

How to automate Flutter app using Flutter driver

In this webinar you will learn about creating an app using Flutter framework, understanding flutter components, inspecting element using flutter inspector, automating flutter app using flutter driver & Appium Flutter Driver and limitations

pCloudy & Hexaware Webinar: Continuous Testing for Multi-Channel Apps over Cloud

When thousands of mobile devices and apps proliferate the market at an amazing speed, how do businesses ensure they build quality Applications that don’t fail across all the different channels (desktop web and mobile) and variety of devices, browsers and operating systems? And most importantly without losing an eye on speed, quality or cost.

How to use remote devices for Development using pCloudy

In this webinar we will find the solution to all these challenges faced by developers on remote devices.

Assuring Quality@Speed for mobile apps in healthcare industry

In this Joint Webinar with EMIDS, we will learn about how to ensure quality and speed for member engagement apps in healthcare industry.

Why it’s time to upgrade your Automation strategy with Appium @ scale

In this webinar you will learn about Quick debugging through distribution of test cases, Progressive reports and Integration with AI.

Optimize Digital Experience by accelerating app testing with pCloudy

We know that digital experience is the core of enterprises and in this Joint Webinar by UST Global and pCloudy you will learn how to optimize it by achieving Quality@Speed in app testing

Debug your Android apps and run your CI on remote devices

In this webinar you will learn about Setting up, inspecting and live debugging on your Android device and Getting performance metrics of the app on the remote device.

What’s new in pCloudy 5.4?

In this webinar you will learn about pCloudy Github integration, CTRL + V, Appium Desktop integration with pCloudy, Appium on pre installed apps, new UI for FollowMe feature and a major bug fix.

Automate your tests on Android and iOS, the codeless way!

Since enterprise mobility is witnessing a shift left approach, there is tremendous pressure on mobility teams to achieve quality@speed. Codeless automation is the need of the hour and we will learn in this webinar how to automate tests without writing a single line of code.

Can AI be used to simplify the process of Test Creation?

In this webinar, we will learn about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can help simplify these test cases to save time and effort involved in traditional app testing.

Power up your DevOps with Espresso and Gradle on pCloudy

In this webinar, we will learn about an end to end test runs on espresso where you will find out how easy it is to migrate your tests to pCloudy.

What’s new in pCloudy 5.3?

In our constant endeavor to make your app testing keep pace with market trends, we bring to you the fresh set of release updates that have been addressed and deployed in pCloudy 5.3. It’s a major update with release of some breakthrough features like support for Appium Desktop, Android app bundle and Android X.

How to optimize your device and test coverage?

With frequent updates and releases, Google Play now requires all new apps to target a recent Android API level – set to API level 26 (Android 8.0 – Oreo) or higher.

Life cycle automation for multi-channel testing with cloud-based mobile lab

DIGITAL DISRUPTION is pushing the businesses to redefine their customer engagement paradigms! As they spend top dollars in embracing new-age digital transformations, MOBILITY becomes the key factor! The adoption of smart devices is increasing and adding new revenue streams for the global players.

What’s new in pCloudy 5.2?

In our constant endeavor to make your app testing simpler and faster, we bring to you the fresh set of release updates that have been addressed and deployed in pCloudy 5.2.

Move beyond Traditional Mobile App Testing with AI and DevOps

Mobile apps are expected to work equally well across devices and operating systems, so many teams have automated test execution for consistency. However, despite all the effort and tooling around automation of test cases, testing mobile apps comprehensively remains challenging and time-consuming.

What’s new in pCloudy 5.1?

In our endeavor to make your app testing simpler and faster, we bring to you the fresh set of release updates that have been addressed and deployed in pCloudy 5.1. It is one of our important releases as it primarily showcases a technical re-architecture for Appium pCloudy integration.

Create, run and export automation scripts in 30 minutes

Enterprise mobility looks for Quality@Speed and one of the ways to achieve it is through automation. The shrinking time to deliver quality apps is creating pressure on enterprise mobility to come up with codeless automation tool to scale their mobile app testing.

Debugging Android made easy on Remote Devices

Modern enterprises are readily moving towards device cloud to test their Android and iOS apps.

Run manual app tests 3X faster without losing an eye on costs

In this era of CI and DevOps, manual may seem to have taken a backseat but nobody can deny the fact that it is still an important part of app testing environment.

Unlock agility, speed and scale in mobile app testing

The traditional app testing methods inhibit development speed and impact quality. Modern enterprises may have hundreds of code updates per day making changes to the same app.

Android Devops using Jenkins and pCloudy

helps you to deliver quality mobile apps continuously by automating the process of build integration. Find out how to test your mobile apps by setting automatic triggers to run your automation test scripts unattended on our real devices with this webinar.

Can you achieve scalability, velocity and quality together in mobile app testing

As per a study by Forrester, 34% of their study respondents considered speed and quality as the top combining factor for their app’s success. But, as mobile app ecosystem sky-rockets.

How crowd tests can save on costs & time to deliver quality apps

Modern enterprises today are unsure about what extra they should do to achieve better quality of apps, faster. Crowdtesting comes as an alternative solution when you lack resources to test the apps in real-time different environments and situations.

Testing Apps on real devices made easy for Cordova app developers

Cordova being a popular open source app development framework among developers, there was a growing need of a command line DeviceTunnel Interface where Cordova app developers could build their Android or iOS apps and put it to test on real devices.

Solve Test Automation framework challenges with Appium TestNG

With the evolution of app ecosystem, there is a growing need for a stable and faster automation framework. Any organization that starts with automation, generally follows a typical journey and at each stage of evolution of testing framework, engineers face numerous challenges.

Quality @ speed for Mobile App Testing

With the app economy predicted to be worth $6.3 trillion by 2021 — mobile app market is bound to sky-rocket and so will be the challenges associated with it.


Change the way you have been doing Mobile App Manual Testing

In the agile and DevOps age, “manual” may sound like an outdated term, but manual tests are still an integral part of testing environment even for organizations who have successfully automated most of their tasks.


30 mins Mobile App Automation challenge

One of the most critical business challenges faced by enterprises is figuring out how to deliver mobile apps faster-without breaking anything in the process.


iOS App Debugging made easy


Modern enterprises are using cloud setup to connect to remote Android and iOS devices to develop, debug and test their apps. The biggest challenge for an iOS developer is to debug the app on a device which is connected remotely.



Appium TestNG Framework and Multi-Device Automation Execution


TestNG with Appium is one of the most popular choices among Automation engineers when it comes to Mobile App Automation. TestNG eliminates most of the limitations of the older framework and gives the developer the ability to write more flexible and powerful tests with help of easy annotations, grouping, sequencing & parameterizing.



Cloud Based Performance Testing of Mobile Apps


In today’s competitive mobile apps scenario, in order to have your customer keep using your app, it is very important that it performs well. From customer’s perspective, “perform well” means that the functionality should work fast.



Achieving Mobile App Automation in DevOps


As software becomes the key to creating a competitive advantage across all markets, enterprises no longer enjoy the luxury of selecting either ‘speed’ or ‘quality’ when delivering software.



Non Functional Testing – Mobile Apps


The term “non-functional testing” refers to testing those aspects of a software application, that may not be connected with a defined user action or function (for example, security, scalability, behavior).


IOS App testing with XCTest and XCUITest


Mobile Apps can grow fast, die fast. The only way to survive in this competitive world is to develop, build, test and release your Apps faster then ever.

Continuous Testing for Mobile Apps on real devices – New World Paradigm

Continuous dev and testing can’t be achieved without having the right set of DevOps tools. Moreover, it must be backed by a proper device Infrastructure.

Achieving CI/CD pipeline for Android through Jenkins

Enterprise mobility are under tremendous pressure to deliver quality mobile apps incessantly even after automating the process of build integration. pCloudy plugin for provides you the solution.

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