Wed, Feb 27th | 11 AM EST/ 05 PM CET/ 09:30 PM IST

Do you want to be part of the community represented by the likes of Netflix and Amazons of the world? They are a part of 3% community who are early adopters of new technology. Needless to point out the chasm that exists between early adopters and followers.

The metaphor "Don't follow me, you won't make it" suits in the context of the adoption of AI. Organizations adopting Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning in their business processes will have a huge advantage compared to others.

One of the Area AI-ML can play a big role is App Testing. In this webinar, we will help you plan your move towards autonomous testing.

Diego Lo Giudice, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst as a guest speaker will talk about:

  • Emerging AI-ML practices to improve software testing
  • Use cases where AI-ML can be used, and

Avinash Tiwari, co-founder from pCloudy will cover

  • pCloudy Autonomous capabilities for Mobile App Testing


Avinash Avinash is one of the co-founders of pCloudy (a part of Smart Software Testing Solutions). He has 15+ experience in Product development and Testing. Avinash is currently based out of Bangalore and is an alumnus of IIT and MIT Sloan.
Diego Lo GiudiceDiego Lo Giudice is the Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester. With more than 28 years of experience, he primarily contributes to and advises on Forrester's offerings for App Development & Delivery. He partners with Forrester's global application leaders and is a leading expert on SDLC processes and practices.


Wed, Feb 27th | 11 AM EST/ 05 PM CET/ 09:30 PM IST