Everything You Need To Know About Cross Browser Testing

Everything You Need To Know About Cross Browser Testing

Not all internet users these days use a single web browser to access websites and view information online. With the ever increasing availability of various browsers and versions, users are leveraging the latest features of browsers to navigate through different websites and use the web apps online. This becomes a challenge to the developers and testers who will need to develop, test and ensure that the websites and web apps are compatible across different browsers and versions. In this Whitepaper we have shared insights on how to overcome these challenges and accelerate your web testing efforts.


  • Introduction of Desktop Browsers
  • What is Cross Browser Testing and why do we need it?
  • Top browsers to test on for Cross Browser Testing in 2021
  • Challenges of Cross Browser Testing
  • Strategies To Perform Cross-Browser Testing
  • How is Selenium Grid useful for successful Cross Browser Testing?
  • How pCloudy can help execute Cross Browser Tests on-demand?
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