• 31 Mar 2023
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Article Summary

Espresso is a testing framework for Android which automatically synchronizes your test actions with the UI of your app. The platform allows you to write concise and reliable Android UI tests. It also lets the test wait until all the background activities have finished.

After the test cases are run you can see the detailed reports. Once automation ends, the device under test will be released automatically so that you or other users can use it later.

There are two ways you can execute espresso test cases.

  1. Using the pCloudy UI Dashboard
  2. Using the pCloudy Utility/Espresso Orchestrator

Steps to execute espresso test cases Using the pCloudy UI Dashboard

  1. Login over pCloudy platform
  2. Go to the Automation page and Select the Automation tool as "Espresso"
  3. Select "Instrumentation Type" based on your Test Scripts you've written
  4. Upload .apk and test.apk file, enter the duration and the name of the test session and click "Next".
  5. Select device on which test needs to be performed, you can use the filter option to narrow down your search and click on the plus sign to add the device.
  6. Click on Schedule
  7. Once you have schduled the Test, you can click on REPORTS on the Left Pane, click on My Active Session and then click on Live-View icon.
  8. Users will be able to see the live execution on the Live-View page. This will help us view the live execution of the test cases.
  9. Once the execution is completed, users can view the report summary. Click on "Reports" on the Left Pane and then click on “All Reports”. Here you can click on the view icon to view your reports.

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