= Multi Device Tunnel - pCloudy documentation


Using the Android Device Tunnel, users can connect multiple Android devices and take full control of it. This can be used by Developers to control a device using ADB commands and debug their apps in real time.Maximum number of devices that can be connected is ten.


  • Download the jar and config file from the link below.
  • http://pcloudy-content-distribution.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html?prefix=Android%20Device%20Tunnel/MultipleDeviceTunnel/

  • Place the jar and config file in the same path.
  • Enter the necessary details as mentioned below in the config file
    • URL of the cloud
    • pcloudy User name
    • Api Access Key
    • Duration for which you wish to book the device
    • Device id
  • Run the below command in the terminal
  • plugin integrated successfully

    java -jar MultipleDevicesTunnel.jar

  • Run “adb devices command”, in your terminal You will see localhost : XXXXX unauthorized
  • plugin integrated successfully
  • Login to pCloudy platform ->goto My Booking and connect the device
  • plugin integrated successfully
  • Allow USB debugging on all the connected device
  • plugin integrated successfully
  • Check list of attached devices by running the command adb devices,Now you will see localhost : XXXXX device
  • plugin integrated successfully
  • Once the connection is established you can push ADB commands to the device
  • plugin integrated successfully