Continuous Testing Solutions for Enterprise

Enterprise Grade Continuous Testing on Real Device & Browser Cloud

Real Device and Browser CloudOptions For Enterprises To Choose From
Private Cloud

A dedicated Private device and browser cloud hosted in our own enterprise grade secured datacenter. Along with all the features available in our public cloud get additional benefits of dedicated access and additional level of data security. Unlimited device time and access Get access to unlimited hours and access to all the features available on the platform under private cloud offering, which include real devices and desktop browsers. Secured datacenters Our Datacenter is compliant with internationally recognized security standards like ISO27001, SOC2 and SSAE-16. Your data is absolutely safe on our platform, with access to only authorized team members.

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On-Premise Cloud

Our On-premise device cloud lab allows organizations with a demanding test schedule greater autonomy. We provide the necessary hardware and freedom to set up your own secure real device lab with complete control. Instant Plug and Play set up We value your time and offer a zero day installation plug-and-play setup within your premises. Our appliances come pre-configured and can be installed on any rack. Just plug-in your devices to our console and you are ready to go! Centralized Testing Infrastructure Within Premise Our On-premise cloud allows you to create a Continuous Testing Solution for your Enterprise within your organization premises. You can plug-in with your existing devices to the On-premise cloud to provide access to your geographically distributed teams for their app testing needs.

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Why Is pCloudy Best In Class Testing Platform For Enterprises

Continuous Testing cloud for scalability

The right balance between quality and speed can be achieved by implementing successful continuous testing solutions for enterprises. Get that competitive edge through our 3 pillars – speedy test creation, stable execution, and faster test execution.

Quick turnaround time

We save you from the hassle of setting up and maintaining a device lab as we do it for you. Moreover, teams can keep the Data on our secure cloud drive for quick turnaround of their testing cycle.

Enterprise grade security

Our Datacenters are compliant with internationally recognized security standards like ISO27001, SOC2 and SSAE-16.

Limitless Scalability

We do not bound our customers by limiting the number of parallel logins or the scalability in terms of number of devices. Achieve any number of concurrent logins without compromising on the speed or accuracy.

24×7 Premium Support

Get premium 24×7 support with a designated account manager and priority support and SLAs. We also provide you with a dedicated expert to walk your team through the platform and the updates at regular interval.

Trainings and Certifications

We provide free access to all our certifications in manual and automation testing to make your larger teams learn the platform well and enhance their skills in testing. Our experts provide regular training sessions for product walkthrough and updates.

See How pCloudy For Enterprise Compares

Security & Compliance

SME (Public Cloud)

Enterprise (Private/On-premise)




SAML 2.0 based SSO

Two factor Authentication for Login

API key cycling

3rd party security certification report

Security questionnaire reviews

User Management

User provisioning and deprovisioning

Multiple Team Admins


Device visibility restriction at team level

Platform Management

Remote Device Maintenance

Remote Server Maintenance (On-prem)

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Frequently asked questions

pCloudy Private Cloud is a dedicated mobile and web app testing solution hosted in an enterprise-grade secured datacenter. It provides unlimited access to real devices and browsers, offering enhanced data security and dedicated access for streamlined testing processes.

Unlimited Device Access: Enjoy unlimited hours of access to real devices and desktop browsers for testing. Enhanced Security: Your data is stored in a datacenter compliant with international security standards, such as ISO27001, SOC2, and SSAE-16, ensuring only authorized team members have access. Streamlined DevOps: The private cloud helps streamline your DevOps processes, accelerating the delivery of high-quality mobile apps. Framework Agnostic: The platform is built on open standards and can be customized to support your own frameworks and languages. VPN Tunnel Creation: We can establish a site-to-site VPN tunnel to facilitate secure communication between geographically dispersed teams.

You provide us with a list of devices you require for testing, and we host them in our enterprise-grade datacenter. You can access these devices remotely through a secure connection, either directly over the internet or via a VPN.

Our datacenter adheres to internationally recognized security standards, including ISO27001, SOC2, GxP, GDPR, HIPAA and SSAE-16. Only authorized team members with appropriate access can interact with the devices and data, ensuring your information is protected.

Yes, pCloudy Private Cloud is framework agnostic and can be further customized to support your preferred frameworks and languages for testing.

We provide 24x7 service and support to ensure uninterrupted access for your teams. Our priority is to assist you promptly with any queries or issues you might have.We have inbuilt chatbot that connects you with a support professional instantly.Also SLA that can be discussed at the time of contract.

Certainly, we helped one of Hexaware's clients, a prominent institution managing commercial fuel cards and workforce payment products. They struggled with testing their apps across various OS, devices, and form factors. By adopting pCloudy Private Cloud, they gained immediate device availability, reduced procurement costs, and improved flexibility for their testing teams worldwide.

To get started or to learn more about pCloudy Private Cloud, you can contact us for commercial details and to discuss your specific requirements. You can visit our website at to find more information and get in touch with our team.

The minimum commitment for pCloudy Private Cloud is 10 devices for 1 year. For detailed commercial information, please contact us directly.

You can Add more devices but you cannot remove the devices from an existing cloud. Private cloud would take a min of 10-15 working days basis on the availability of the devices with the version requested. For more information, inquiries, or specific questions, please feel free to contact our Sales team at or visit our website at

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