About Us

“Quality is never an accident.
It is always the result of intelligent effort”

The origin of pCloudy is based on one simple question: How do we simplify the current Non-effective Process of On-Device testing of Mobile Apps?

We sought to develop a platform to solve this Challenge:

Real Android and iOS Devices
Test App on Real Devices

We started back in 2012. Since our launch, we continue to push the boundaries of our imaginations. We have been growing rapidly with hundreds of global organizations that have integrated our platform to meet their mobile app testing needs. As a team, we combine our skills and competencies to dream up solutions for complex problems.

Our passion continues finding intelligent, innovative ideas to solve quality and testing related problems of software applications. We are proud to receive the endorsements of industry veterans. With recently secured funding, our dream to create a world-class mobile app testing platform can now become a reality.

Board of Directors

  • Lalit Jain
    Lalit JainThe Customer’s Voice..

    Lalit, The people’s Man- firmly believes in the Philosophy..”A Business is not about numbers but about people” – He has applied all his understanding of behavioral science in building a global network of partners and customers for OpKey and pCloudy. You can often find Lalit arguing passionately about customers need with internal teams and making sure we stay Focussed on Reason for our existence- Our customers

  • Pankaj Goel
    Pankaj GoelThe Open Eyed Dreamer

    When not dreaming about ways to make test automation simpler and effective, or animatedly discussing best approach to implement complex product features in OpKey with his teams of dreamers, you will find Pankaj talking to customers across the Globe helping them strategize their testing to tackling complex technology problems or giving gyaan on ills plaguing Indian cricket team.

  • Avinash Tiwari
    Avinash TiwariThe Pragmatic Dreamer

    Also known as “Baba” (The Monk) among colleagues, Avinash is the brain behind pCloudy – Our Mobile platform. A Test Automation guru, he is working on building some futuristic Kick ass features in the platform. He has been instrumental in building and managing Testing operations of some very large enterprises in past. The Pace spearhead of our Cricket team, his scorching deliveries are in sharp contrast to his cool demeanor.


pCloudy is owned by Smart Software Testing Solutions Inc. (www.sstsinc.com) and was founded by former software testing experts at Oracle, Adobe, HCL Technologies, and Wipro. Collectively, they have over 50 years of experience and a strong understanding of the business challenges that enterprises encounter. Their expertise has allowed them to design and integrate two signature cloud-based technology products, OpKey and pCloudy. Both tools focus on streamlining and improving the software development lifecycle by employing manual and automated testing. OpKey focuses on more traditional PC-based software while pCloudy targets the accelerated mobile application software space. These testing tools ensure that SSTS Inc. as a global industry provider of a complete software testing solution.