Fix Automation Scripts Faster
with Self Healing

No more broken scripts or test failures during automation with Self Healing

What is


We've harnessed the magic of Self-Healing automation testing to transform your mobile app automation scripts. Self-Healing is like having an automation assistant in the system. When your automation scripts encounter issues during testing, our Self-Healing capabilities automatically identifies issues and fixes them in an instant, ensuring seamless automation runs with seamlessly auto-fixed scripts. Be it updating web elements or object locators, automation script failures, automation script maintenance. The Self-Healing Test Automation technology handles it all seamlessly, so that your automation scripts run smoothly and without interruptions.

Self Healing Automation

Why Choose

Self-Healing Automation?

Improve Stability of Scripts

The self-healing capabilities heals the scripts with the updated web elements or object locators when there are changes made in the development.

Reduces Maintenance

A lot of times, automation engineers spend hours and days just trying to fix their automated scripts due to failure. With this new self healing test automation technology, automation engineers can now automate the maintenance effort using the AI based Self-Healing capability.

Enables Efficient CI Pipelines

With stable automation scripts that are constantly being updated with the developmental changes, successful automation tests help move faster along the CI pipeline. Making the entire app development process much more stable and efficient.

Seamless Testing Experience: No more broken scripts and automation testing failures.

Our self-healing capabilities will quickly heal your scripts and fix issues ensuring that your tests run smoothly and hassle-free.

No Downtime

Say goodbye to interruptions. Our self-healing system handles any problems with the testing environment or devices automatically, so your testing can continue without any manual fixes.

Easy Issue Resolution

Don't worry about test failures. Our self-healing system finds out what went wrong and runs the tests again until they succeed.

Enter a New world of Automation
Self-Healing + Automation

Self-Healing + Automation Automation
Self-Repairing Capabilities Yes No
Handling Test Failures Automatically resolves issues Requires manual intervention
Downtime and Productivity Minimal downtime, continuous testing Downtime during issue resolution
Bug Bug Detection and Resolution Proactively detects and heals bugs Detects but doesn't auto-heal
Adaptability and Learning Learns from issues for
Limited learning capabilities
Feedback Loop for Improvement Incorporated to enhance performance Limited feedback incorporation
Cost-Efficiency Cost-effective in the long run & Free
with Automation license of Pcloudy
May require higher maintenance costs due to manual repairs of your scripts,
Experience the Magic of Automated
Self-Healing with pCoudy Device Farm

Effortless Testing, Always Reliable

Our self-healing capabilities makes testing a breeze. No more worries about test failures – it automatically finds and fixes them, so your automation tests run like a charm.

Uninterrupted Testing, Maximum Productivity

With self-healing capabilities, your app tests continue without a hitch. Say goodbye to manual interruptions and hello to smooth and efficient testing.

Designed for Modern Testing Needs

Our self-healing capabilities seamlessly fit into the fast-paced world of app development. It's the perfect companion for Agile and DevOps environments.

User-Friendly and Intuitive

You don't need to be a tech expert to use our self-healing capabilities. Its user-friendly interface makes app testing simple and accessible to everyone.

Save Time and Effort

Our self-healing capabilities lets you create smart test scripts that can be used over and over again. Testing becomes faster and more efficient.

Self Healing Automation Tools

Stay ahead of the curve with our Self-Healing capabilities for mobile app testing.

Discover the future of app testing. Talk to our experts or try it yourself with a free 90 minute trial. Experience the magic of automated self-healing - no technical expertise required!

Frequently asked questions

Any user with a pCloudy automation license of 1 user or above can use the plugin.

Yes, the plugin is accessible for private/in-premises or hybrid cloud configurations.

There are various Self Healing Test Automation Tools that come with a charge. However at pCloudy, users do not need to pay separately for the plugin. It is included with the pCloudy automation license.

The plugin is supported on Appium version 1.19 and above.

Absolutely! Once you have the appropriate license and the supported Appium version, setting up and using the plugin is straightforward and user-friendly. Click here to know how to use this plugin.

The plugin's self-healing capabilities automatically detect and resolve issues during testing, making your testing process smoother and more efficient. Self-Healing Automation scripts are the future of sustainable automation as they cut down the costs involved in maintaining automation suits and scripts significantly.

By using the plugin, you can streamline your testing process, ensure app reliability, and save time and effort with its automated and self-healing features.