Visual Testing Simplified

Get rid of writing lines of code and seamlessly integrate your automation scripts with Visual Testing capabilities without any hassle.

Visual Testing
Seamlessly integrate a Free Visual AI Plugin and make your testing efficient

Add visual testing to your test strategy for free. Simply integrate pCloudy’s Visual AI plugin into your Appium/Selenium automation scripts and add Visual Testing to your testing strategy. Now you can perform UI/Visual Testing over 5000+ device and browser combinations. Reduce the effort of manually validating web pages or UI Screens and ensure a consistent design across various combinations of real browsers and devices.

The future of visual testing is here,

sign up on our platform today and experience the difference.

Key Highlights

No Additional Cost

Enable Visual Testing with no additional cost. Simply add a few lines of code to your automation scripts and viola you are all set to start your Visual test automation.

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrate pCloudy’s Visual AI plugin without the hassle of any third party apps. Easily integrate with all your favorite test frameworks, automation tools and much more.

Robust Visual Testing Capabilities

Add visual testing to your testing strategy with much ease. Validate and compare various visual, UI and layout design elements of the app across 5000+ real device and browser combinations to ensure a consistent experience.

Integrated with your Favourite tools

Integrate with all your favorite web and mobile testing tools and frameworks to ace your testing game in your own Continuous Testing cloud and digital playground.

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