AI First Unified App
Testing Platform

AI isn’t next; it’s now. Harness Pcloudy AI to manage your team's grunt work, enhance app quality, and create flawless digital experiences.


Unifying Multiple AI Techniques for
Superior Testing Impact



Gen AI based Auto Code Generator



AI based model to detect changes



AI based auto detection Of UI Changes



Anomaly Detector


Gen AI Pcloudy Action Bot

How Pcloudy AI Works

AI CoPilot for Autonomous Testing

Our Co-Pilot (QPilot) functions just like a human test automation engineer. As you converse with it to provide test scenarios or descriptions, it determines how to execute them against the application under test and creates test automation code that can be seamlessly integrated into your CI/CD system. This empowers less technical testers to automate complex applications and reduces coding errors. Join our Beta
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Self Healing Mechanism

When element discrepancies occur, such as UI changes, Pcloudy goes beyond merely reporting a failure. It employs QHeal, an advanced self-healing mechanism, to automatically adapt by identifying alternative selectors or using relative positioning strategies. This ensures that your test scripts remain robust and continue to function correctly, even as your application's evolves. Try Now
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Intelligent Visual Testing

With Visual AI (QLens), you can automatically detect visual defects on every commit, across all devices and screen sizes. Each time code is pushed, QLens captures screenshots from selected devices and compares them against a baseline to identify any visual inconsistencies. This intelligent visual comparison ignores minor rendering issues, ensuring that only significant visual defects are flagged. Try Now
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Smart Anomaly Detection

Pcloudy's Anomaly Detector (QObserve) provides advanced real-time analysis of your test executions, delivering immediate insights and alerts. By identifying issues instantly and offering proactive alerts on critical test failures and irregularities, QObserve ensures no issue goes unnoticed. It also enhances team collaboration by sharing real-time insights, facilitating faster decision-making and improving overall test efficiency. Coming Soon
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Pcloudy Gen AI Assistant

Our Pcloudy Gen AI Assistant (Alfy) is designed to be your go-to Appium and device assistant. It provides essential information such as Appium capabilities and the available list of devices on Pcloudy, ensuring you have the support you need, whenever you need it. Try Now
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Enterprise Level Governance

Human in the Loop

Pcloudy employs a human-in-the-loop approach, integrating human reviewers to validate outputs and provide feedback, ensuring high standards of accuracy and continuous improvement in AI models.

Data Privacy & Security

Pcloudy ensures data security and privacy by not using customer data for AI training without explicit consent. Data is sent to secure, compliant servers and protected with advanced encryption. All processes comply with GDPR and other data protection laws.

Responsible & Unbiased AI

Pcloudy ensures ethical AI use by conducting continuous ethics reviews to eliminate biases and harmful outputs. AI impact assessments are mandatory before deployment, and governance processes track AI algorithms and label datasets to ensure accountability and fairness from the start.  


Pcloudy's AI models feature built-in explainability for transparency, provide clear disclosures on data and AI usage, and maintain robust feedback mechanisms to report AI practice concerns, ensuring continuous improvement and ethical alignment.


Pcloudy's AI Governance Board ensures regulatory compliance, ethical standards, and infrastructure security. Post-deployment remediation processes address any negative AI impacts promptly. Mandatory AI ethics training for engineers and product managers embeds ethical considerations throughout AI development.

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