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Hexaware eBook

Joint paper by pCloudy and Hexaware Technologies: Redefining mobile testing paradigm for modern enterprises


The growing complexities in enterprise mobility is creating immense pressure on enterprises to deliver mobile apps with awesome user experience faster than ever. Find out the best solution with this insightful Joint Whitepaper by pCloudy and Hexaware Technologies.


Overcome the challenges in Continuous Testing to optimize DevOps

Overcome the challenges in Continuous Testing to optimize DevOps

Find out how to accelerate the software development process by overcoming the challenges faced while practising continuous testing.



Healthcare App Testing with pCloudy

The healthcare industry is ready to reap the benefits of Mobile Device Clouds for app testing to provide better user experience. There are many challenges in healthcare app testing and pCloudy seems to be the best solution to overcome these challenges.


Optimizing Digital Experience by Assuring Quality @ Speed

Optimizing Digital Experience by Assuring Quality @ Speed

Consumers are exposed to great in-app experiences with the help of processes like mobile device cloud, Continuous Integration, DevOps, and technologies like AI these days. But, it annoys them when the experience is bad on other apps. We will ready you to face the upcoming challenges in mobile app testing with this Joint Whitepaper by pCloudy and UST Global.



Start To End Guide – Mobile Test Automation With Appium

Appium being the most popular test automation framework, we bring to you a guide which will start with the basics of Appium and by the end of it, you will know how to write a test script in Appium.



Mobile Device Lab – How to build one in-house


Facebook, by setting up a successful large scale mobile device lab in-house has set a standard in mobile app testing. Our hero in the story, George a CIO also wants to build an in house mobile device lab and figures out the intricacies, effort, resources and costs involved in building one.


Mobile App Testing

Mobile App Testing – eBook


Get started with mobile app testing with this ebook. It will take you through the fundamentals of testing mobile applications and help you kick start your mobile testing activities.


Whitepaper A Practical Guide

A practical guide for a successful Mobile DevOps


In this exciting times of digital transformation, it becomes imperative for mobility teams to respond to the market demands faster than ever without losing focus on innovation and cost. This whitepaper serves as a practical guide for enterprise mobility to set up their Mobile DevOps.


App Testing

10 Points App Testing Formula For A Successful Mobility Programme


Though enterprise mobile apps have become critical tools for businesses, enterprise mobility is not free of challenges. This whitepaper examines the business challenges associated with mobile apps and illustrates how a few app testing good practices can help tackle these with ease.


App Testing

Key Considerations to decide the best mobile platforms for mobile app

Enterprise mobility has evolved to be an integral part of daily life but this evolution rose the complexity on its way. Many platforms, architectures, frameworks are available to create an app and all of them have their own pros and cons.


mobile solution provider

Case study: Mobile Infrastructure Setup for a leading Mobile Solution Provider

Find out how pCloudy solved the problems of testing apps in Continuous Integration mode on real devices and also provided access to devices at various locations, for a leading global mobile digital solutions provider.


mobile device cloud ebook


App Testing Simplified by Mobile Device Cloud

Enterprises across the globe are leveraging the benefits of Mobile Device Clouds for app testing and are getting unmatched business benefits. Is your organization losing out on business due to conventional app testing methods?

Appium TestNG


Appium TestNG Framework and Multi-Device Automation Execution

Testing teams face numerous automation challenges in their testing framework. We will find out how TestNG along with Appium can solve those problems easily and not only accelerate the time-to-market of the app but also improve the quality of the app.


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