What’s new in pCloudy 5.7

QR Code verification testing using pCloudy

Webinar 5: Successful Continuous Testing with pCloudy

pCloudy Mobile Testing Certification

Webinar 3: Automation @ Scale

Improve app experience for your healthcare apps with remote testing over cloud

Webinar 2: Getting started with Appium

Webinar 1: Shift left testing and need for automation

pCloudy helped UST Global maintain release cycle while working remotely

Test your internal/private servers on remote devices seamlessly with Wildnet

Enhance performance testing of your app by integrating JMeter with pCloudy

Take the next digital leap with seamless mobile app testing from anywhere, anytime

Virtual Coffee Hour

Rapid automation techniques to achieve successful continuous testing

Move to cloud for uninterrupted app testing from anywhere, at any time

What’s new in pCloudy 5.6?

pCloudy Work Culture

Achieve Zero Code Test Automation for Mobile Apps in 2020

pCloudy- 100k Registered Users | Management Speaks: Avinash Tiwari (Co-Founder)

Mobile App Testing Strategies for 2020

How to certify SFDC mobile publisher apps before deploying to App Stores

How to leverage pCloudy in your DevOps

How to test voice-enabled apps with our Audio Interaction Testing feature

pCloudy – Year in Review : 2019

Test your Apps on Samsung Galaxy Fold

A Glimpse of the QAI Software Testing Conference 2019

#QAI STC 2019 – A Glimpse of the Future Testing in 2025

A peek into the future of mobile app testing

What’s new in pCloudy 5.5?

Diwali Celebrations at pCloudy

Test your apps on #iOS13 to find out how it is affected

Move towards futuristic app testing with AI And DevOps

Audio Interaction Testing on Remote Devices

How to automate Flutter app using Flutter driver

pCloudy & Hexaware Webinar: Continuous Testing for Multi-Channel Apps over Cloud

Run Espresso with Gradle on pCloudy

#QAI STC 2018 – #AI in Mobile App Testing

Mobile App Testing Platform

How to use remote devices for Development using pCloudy

[Joint Webinar with Emids] Assuring Quality@Speed for mobile apps in healthcare industry

Why it’s time to upgrade your Automation strategy with Appium @ scale

Lightening Talk #AppiumConf 2019 by Avinash Tiwari (co-founder of pCloudy)

Debug your Android apps and run your CI on remote devices

What’s new in pCloudy 5.4?

Automate your tests on Android and iOS, the codeless way!

Can AI be used to simplify the process of Test Creation?

Local site testing on remote devices

Power up your DevOps with Espresso and Gradle on pCloudy

What’s new in pCloudy 5.3

Simpler Appium Integration Architecture with pCloudy

How to optimize your device and test coverage

Faster way to create your first mobile app test with pCloudy

Step by Step Appium Integration architecture with pCloudy – Newer, faster, simpler

Mobile testing on real Android & iOS devices – pCloudy Demo Video 2019

QAI STC 2018 Avinash Tiwari, Co-Founder, pCloudy

Innovations in mobile app testing by pCloudy

Manual App Testing accelerated multi-folds with “Follow Me” feature in pCloudy

What’s new in pCloudy 5.2

Expedite Mobile App Testing using “Follow Me” feature in pCloudy

Barcode verification testing using pCloudy On-Premise Solution

What’s new in pCloudy 5.1

Automation studio (OpKey)

Certifaya Tutorial

Creating and Executing Automation Scripts on Automation Studio

How to optimize your device and test coverage

Move beyond Traditional Mobile App Testing with AI and DevOps

Life cycle automation for multi channel testing with cloud based mobile lab

Create, run and export automation scripts in 30 minutes

Achieving CI CD pipeline for Android through Jenkins

Debugging Android made easy on Remote Devices

Run manual app tests 3X faster without losing an eye on costs

Unlock agility, speed and scale in mobile app testing

Android Devops using Jenkins and pCloudy

How crowd tests can save on costs & time to deliver quality apps

Testing apps on real devices made easy for Cordova app developers

30 mins Mobile App Automation Challenge

iOS App Debugging made easy

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