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44 min

Keynote by Avinash Tiwari on Successful Continuous Testing in 2020

Avinash unpacks the key components that are involved in building a Continuous Testing framework for Organizations to adopt for producing better results and faster software updates and releases. He goes on to talk about the importance of Automation and Cloud Adoption to better your testing efforts.

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13 min

Avinash Tiwari (Co-Founder) Speaker Interview at #DOPPA2020

Hear out the Technology expert and co-founder of pCloudy Avinash Tiwari, talk about his entrepreneurial journey straight from his heart. He talks about the works that goes behind the envisioning and creating a product that competes at a Global Level.

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34 min

#QAI STC 2020 - Consumer Experience Transformation and role of testing

Consumer Experience is going to change the way we do businesses. Personalization, Elaborate User Personas, Customized notifications, Omni-Channel Communication, etc, are some of the aspects that will hit the limelight when we talk about Consumer Experience.

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37 min

#QAI STC 2020 - pCloudy Platform Demostration

Here is a demonstration of the pCloudy platform at the QAI Software Testing Conference 2020. In the video, Shueb Ahmed provides a walkthrough of how one can test their Mobile or Web Apps using pCloudy’s continuous testing platform, he also highlights some of the key integrations that are compatible with the platform for ease of […]

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50 min

What's new in pCloudy 5.8?

With a grit to constantly improve and make your app testing efforts seamless and fast, we bring forth a fresh set of features and updates on our platform through pCloudy 5.8.

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51 min

Using XCTest with pCloudy's Real Device Cloud to achieve Mobile Test Automation

Using the right test automation framework is important to test on iOS devices. XCTest is Apple’s official framework for testing applications using Xcode. This framework supports both Swift and Objective C.

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55 min

Bringing Appium and Selenium together For App Testing

Selenium and appium are some common frameworks that are used by developers and automation testers to test their website or mobile application against different browsers and devices.

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3 min

An Overview of How pCloudy achieves Continuous Testing

This video gives you an overview of how pCloudy provides cloud-based testing solutions to test your Mobile and Web apps on hundreds of real devices and Desktop browsers from anywhere, anytime.

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45 min

Browser Cloud: Desktop web testing from anywhere

To deliver a consistent user experience on all platforms, testing web apps and websites in all of the common web browsers is essential. Code validation,

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53 min

Understanding Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

Development teams have adapted to the shortened delivery cycles by embracing automation across their software delivery pipeline.

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55 min

What's new in pCloudy 5.7

pCloudy 5.7 is here and it will make app testing more convenient and faster. In this webinar we will share the fresh set of release updates that have been addressed and deployed in the latest version of pCloudy.

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3 min

QR code verification testing on remote devices

QR code scanner is a widely used feature in mobile apps of all categories. This is why pCloudy introduced the QR code scanner feature so that users can test their app on remote devices to ensure that feature works smoothly with the app.

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60 min

Webinar 5: Successful Continuous Testing with pCloudy

Successful continuous testing builds the foundation for an efficient CI/CD pipeline. In this chapter we will see how pCloudy will enable you to scale up your continuous testing efforts

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4 min

pCloudy Mobile Testing Certification

Our certification courses on manual and automation testing help professionals achieve maximum efficiency in mobile app testing using a device cloud.

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12 min

Webinar 3: Automation @ Scale

Enterprises today are looking forward to taking the next digital leap. But that is not possible without achieving automation @ Scale.

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57 min

Improve app experience for your healthcare apps with remote testing over cloud

With the world dealing with pandemic, there is a tremendous pressure on healthcare industry to cope up with the rising demand for better healthcare facilities digitally.

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59 min

Webinar 2: Getting started with Appium

With the growing demand for Quality@Speed, Appium seems to be a popular automation framework tool for mobile testing in enterprises.

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40 min

Webinar 1: Shift left testing and need for automation

In the world of mobile, enterprises face immense pressure to move faster and more flexibly in application development and testing – without sacrificing anything in innovation

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2 min

pCloudy helped UST Global maintain release cycle while working remotely

Here is a testimonial from the end user of our platform from UST Global who speaks about how pCloudy has helped them maintain business continuity while working remotely.

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5 min

Test your internal/private servers on remote devices seamlessly with Wildnet

Testers sometimes want to test their internal servers to protect unsecured data/credentials, hide new features, and for general security.

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38 min

Enhance performance testing of your app by integrating JMeter with pCloudy

Digital experiences are front and center in a modern enterprise’s business strategy. Mobile app performance has a tremendous impact on customer experience today and can directly affect business.


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