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Appium TestNG Framework and Multi-Device Automation Execution


TestNG with Appium is one of the most popular choices among Automation engineers when it comes to Mobile App Automation. TestNG eliminates most of the limitations of the older framework and gives the developer the ability to write more flexible and powerful tests with help of easy annotations, grouping, sequencing & parameterizing.



Cloud Based Performance Testing of Mobile Apps


In today’s competitive mobile apps scenario, in order to have your customer keep using your app, it is very important that it performs well. From customer’s perspective, “perform well” means that the functionality should work fast.



Achieving Mobile App Automation in DevOps


As software becomes the key to creating a competitive advantage across all markets, enterprises no longer enjoy the luxury of selecting either ‘speed’ or ‘quality’ when delivering software.




Non Functional Testing – Mobile Apps


The term “non-functional testing” refers to testing those aspects of a software application, that may not be connected with a defined user action or function (for example, security, scalability, behavior).


IOS App testing with XCTest and XCUITest


Mobile Apps can grow fast, die fast. The only way to survive in this competitive world is to develop, build, test and release your Apps faster then ever.


Continuous Testing for Mobile Apps on real devices – New World Paradigm


Continuous dev and testing can’t be achieved without having the right set of DevOps tools. Moreover, it must be backed by a proper device Infrastructure.


Upcoming Webinar

upcoming webinar on 25th Jan


pCloudy Weekly Product Walkthrough Webinar


Looking to start using pCloudy for your App Testing. This is 30 mins get-started product walkthrough for you to use pCloudy effectively.




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