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About this course

pCloudy is a next-gen cloud-based mobile app testing platform with more than 5000 device browser combinations. It is loaded with futuristic features such as “Certifaya” and “FollowMe”. This mobile testing certification will enable users to upload the app files and install their app on the Android and iOS real devices in the cloud and perform manual as well as automated testing. The devices can be booked in advance and testing can be performed on multiple devices in sync.

The best thing is that there is no need to buy all the devices or invest heavily to build a device lab. Instead, just use the real device of your choice from anywhere at any time. This is a one of a kind software testing certification which will enable the users to get familiar with pCloudy and its features.

pCloudy has more than 70,000 users and more than 20 fortune 500 clients across the globe. Research and advisory firms like Gartner, Forrester and G2 Crowd have acknowledged pCloudy as a leader in cloud-based mobile app testing technology. These facts suggest that pCloudy is the preferred choice when it comes to mobile app testing.

Upon completion of this mobile testing certification, the users can do local site testing, network simulation testing, cross-browser testing, functional testing, non-functional testing and a lot more. pCloudy is integrated with most of the popular testing frameworks and tools like Appium, Espresso, Jira, GitHub, Jenkins, Android Studio, Eclipse, etc. This makes mobile application testing easier and faster.


Basic knowledge of mobile app testing.


Manual App Testing with pCloudy is a self-paced course that introduces you to pCloudy and its features that can help you run your manual app test seamlessly. The objective of this course is to help you learn all the important capabilities in pCloudy required for manual app tests that can make your app testing effortless. This course enables you to get an overview of the manual app test to learn what pCloudy is all about add users to your account using the Team Management features and set up and run your first app test on pCloudy.

Who Is This Course For

Whoever is interested in mobile app testing and QA Certification. Especially testers, developers, and product managers.

About this course

Appium is an opensource mobile app testing framework with which users can test their native, web and hybrid apps. It has no dependency on the mobile operating system. Appium is cross-platform and a single API works for both Android and iOS test scripts.

Appium was written using a Node.js platform and drives iOS and an Android session using Webdriver JSON wire protocol. Before initializing the Appium Server, Node.js must be pre-installed on the system. Once Appium is installed, then a server is set up on the machine that exposes a REST API.

It receives connection and command request from the client and executes that command on mobile devices and It responds back with HTTP responses. To execute this request, it uses the mobile test automation framework like Apple Instruments, Google UI Automator or Selendroid to drive the user interface of the apps.

pCloudy is integrated with Appium which means test automation is much more hassle-free. This automation testing certification will enable the user to perform automation testing in pCloudy using Appium.


Basic knowledge of mobile app testing and test automation.


This course on Appium Automation – Basics and Advanced are designed to make participants comfortable to understand the distributed open-source mobile application testing framework. Through this Certification, you will be able to integrate Appium with pCloudy using 3 different approaches, deploy an Android or iOS application, and then use Appium to inspect and interact with the app. You will also be able to write your first Appium script and run it locally and on pCloudy.

Who Is This Course For

Whoever is interested in mobile app testing and test automation. This mobile automation testing certification is especially helpful for test automation engineers, developers, and product managers.

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