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Gain Digital Confidence With Actionable Test Analytics That Make Your Testing Faster

Test Analytics Tools
Improve Test Efficiency And Quality Of The Apps On The Move

Real Time Debugging With Progressive Reports

Get rid of dependency on external reporting. Access to rich artifacts and get detailed report on failure reasons to find out exactly what went wrong and get step by step drill downs for fast resolution.

Sharable Reports

You can share your detailed reports with your team saving a lot of time and efforts.

Integration With Collaboration Tools

Integration with collaboration tools like JIRA and SLACK makes it a unified platform to share the reports and log bugs in the collaboration tool of your choice.

Find And Fix Bugs In No Time With Progressive Reports


Monitor and get device logs while performing functional testing on the application under test which helps users to follow the logs and track the test flow.


Leverage the power of detailed videos of the tests performed on the app which makes it easier for developers to debug.


Take one to one high pixel screenshots next to the device for reference and share it with the team for faster debugging.

Frequent Response Details

Find detailed network request/ response information for the application under test for faster testing.

Performance Reports

Monitor the performance metrics for the AUT while performing functional testing where you get insightful reports like battery, memory and CPU charts etc.

Bug logging with JIRA/SLACK

With a seamless integration with collaboration tools like JIRA/SLACK, testers can easily log a bug directly on their JIRA/SLACK account

Actionable Insights For The Entire Team


Developers are sure to enjoy the umpteen list of features that are integrated into the platform for easier interaction and usage

Automation Expert

Running Appium & Selenium Scripts for your automation testing needs are available to test native, hybrid and web apps for both mobile and cross browser testing.

QA Team

The exhaustive list of parameters that are captured through real-time analytical test reports are easily available for analysis to ensure quality on par with the needs.

Certifaya – Single Click Autonomous App Certification With Bots

Just upload your app and wait for the bot to deliver a comprehensive test report for the app. Running Crash Test Scenarios The bot runs the crash test covering several installations/uninstall scenarios along with random events on the App, that too, on multiple devices. It is the best way to do a sanity check for every change in your App. Swift and Deep Exploratory Tests Certifaya smart testing bot crawls the app automatically and navigates through the app path like any human would do, collecting all the relevant data for the app. The user will get a comprehensive report on the app’s functionality and performance on multiple devices.

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Other Product Capabilities
Test Analytics

Analyze the auto generated detailed test report to enhance the testing efficiency and share the report with your team for better collaboration.

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Mobile DevOps

Increase Agility, Improve Reliability and deliver faster with continuous feedback and continuous integration on remote devices.

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Cross Browser Testing

Perform cross-browser tests of your web-apps and websites by running tests across a range of browser versions, screen resolutions, OS, etc on our Browser Lab.

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Automation Studio

Create scriptless automation tests to reduce the release cycle and deliver quality app in less time.

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Frequently asked questions

Test Analytics provides you insights into various testing data of your app tests to make necessary corrective measures to improve your overall app experience. Test Analytics becomes a crucial tool to measure the success of an app as it gives us the insight and information into the performance of the app and its behaviour.

Test Analytics helps us gain an insight into the performance of the apps under test to make necessary changes and improvements to enhance the app experience. Test Analytics helps you identify key performance metrics of the app and track progress and deviations if any. Test Analytics helps you work collaboratively with other team members to keep track of the progress of any testing status or test improvements.

There are various Testing artefacts that are captured as part of the test data. Bug logging, screenshots, test videos, CPU charts, Battery performance, memory utilization charts, etc are captured as part of the test analytics. A comprehensive test data report is generated every time you perform a test which will give you all the information you need to monitor and track progress of the performance of the apps under test.

Yes, you can share the pCloudy Test Reports with others who might not have access to the pCloudy platform. You can use the shareable reports feature to share your reports with anyone over email, slack, git, etc to ensure a smooth collaboration and improvement of your apps.

Yes, you can view the test data reports during the app tests. pCloudy’s progressive reports feature provides you the opportunity to check the status of your app tests to ensure a smooth execution. The progressive reports helps you identify bugs early on in the testing phase for quick resolutions. Now you don’t have to wait for the completion of your tests before you can start working towards the bug fixes.

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