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Mobile Testing Lab
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Testing Lab
Public Cloud Lab
A mobile app testing lab offering that is most suited for individuals, small and medium enterprises

Pay as you go model Unlimited device usage Access to real devices anywhere anytime Flexi plans – pay for what you see

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Testing Lab
Private Cloud Lab
Privately dedicated mobile testing lab on cloud, hosted in our datacenter with dedicated access suited for enterprises

Privately dedicated mobile testing lab on cloud, hosted in our datacenter with dedicated access suited for enterprises Unlimited device time and access.

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Testing Lab
On-Premises Cloud
Providing full control by setting up a secured mobile device lab in your premises

Distributed Cloud Access Centralized Testing Infrastructure Within Premise Instant Plug & Play setup Remote Management of Mobile Devices Unlimited Scalability and Parallelism

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Every Application Team Must Have

Scalable Infrastructure

With pCloudy’s scalable device lab, device availability and test run for large scale automation runs never poses to be a challenge for enterprises.

Remote Access Of Devices

Test from anywhere anytime. An ideal fit for the enterprises with geographically spread test teams.

Enterprise Grade Security

Our Datacenters are compliant with internationally recognized security standards like ISO27001, SOC2 and SSAE-16.

Designed For Speedy Testing Of Apps

The tool has been designed to run high volumes of real device tests with low error rates and continuous availability

App Testing Features That Elevates Mobile Experiences

Single Click Functional Testing

Inspiration propels each one of us from apathy to possibility and transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities.

Real World Conditions Simulation

Know how your app behaves across field conditions and scenarios. Simulate various real world conditions and network profiles.


Seamless integration with collaboration tools like JIRA, SLACK helps app testing teams spread across the globe stay connected for hassle free app testing.

Native Device Features

Leverage to all the touch features and gestures on the remote devices as you use the device in your hand.

Real Time Debugging Simulation

Use DeviceTunnel to connect to a device directly from Eclipse or Android Studio. Debug like the device is connected to your local machine.

Test Failure Analysis

Leverage to the power of progressive reports that can speed up your testing process multi-folds with its detailed analysis on why tests failed and how to fix them.

Localization Testing

With localization testing, get control over regular device settings with access to switch system language to meet the needs.

Voice Interaction

With huge demand for voice interaction features, you can now do audio interaction testing on remote devices over cloud

AI Powered By Automation Bot

AI driven app health check to assist your mobile app testing. Bot driven Exploratory functional tests with comprehensive Health-check and analysis

Integrated with your Favourite tools

Integrate with all your favorite web and mobile testing tools and frameworks to ace your testing game in your own Continuous Testing cloud and digital playground.

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Certifaya – Single Click Autonomous App Certification With Bots

Just upload your app and wait for the bot to deliver a comprehensive test report for the app. Running Crash Test Scenarios The bot runs the crash test covering several installations/uninstall scenarios along with random events on the App, that too, on multiple devices. It is the best way to do a sanity check for every change in your App. Swift and Deep Exploratory Tests Certifaya smart testing bot crawls the app automatically and navigates through the app path like any human would do, collecting all the relevant data for the app. The user will get a comprehensive report on the app’s functionality and performance on multiple devices.

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Real Device Testing
Other Product Capabilities
Test Analytics

Analyze the auto generated detailed test report to enhance the testing efficiency and share the report with your team for better collaboration.

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Mobile DevOps

Increase Agility, Improve Reliability and deliver faster with continuous feedback and continuous integration on remote devices.

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Cross Browser Testing

Perform cross-browser tests of your web-apps and websites by running tests across a range of browser versions, screen resolutions, OS, etc on our Browser Lab.

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Automation Studio

Create scriptless automation tests to reduce the release cycle and deliver quality app in less time.

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Frequently asked questions

A Public Cloud is a virtual platform with real mobile devices for remote app testing, avoiding the need for physical devices.

It hosts real devices in the cloud. Users access devices remotely, test apps, debug, and monitor performance through a web interface.

Benefits include access to diverse devices, cost savings, scalability, global collaboration, efficiency, and testing in real-world conditions.

Yes, Our datacenter adheres to internationally recognized security standards, including ISO27001, SOC2, GxP, GDPR, HIPAA and SSAE-16. Only authorized team members with appropriate access can interact with the devices and data, ensuring your information is protected.

Yes, you can automate test scripts to run concurrently on multiple devices, improving test speed and consistency.Learn more.

You can test native, hybrid, and web apps on various operating systems and device types.

Sign up, access devices and tools through your browser, and use available resources for a smooth start.

Yes, it caters to both, offering device access to individuals and efficient collaboration and testing for teams.

You can simulate real-world scenarios, emulate network conditions, and monitor performance for insights into your app's behavior on different devices.

Testing on the cloud offers several advantages. It provides instant access to a wide range of real devices, enabling you to test your mobile apps in various scenarios and conditions without the need to physically possess all those devices. Cloud-based testing also allows for collaboration among geographically spread test teams, streamlined debugging, and efficient test execution. Moreover, it saves time and resources by eliminating the need to set up and maintain a physical device lab.

Yes, pCloudy, offer the option to get dedicated devices exclusively for your team's use. This ensures that you have dedicated access to devices whenever you need them, without sharing resources with other users. Such dedicated access can be particularly beneficial for larger teams or projects that require consistent availability of specific devices.

All the latest flagship/popular devices are been added on a timely basis but if you wish to add device of your choice of public cloud. Learn more

ensure uninterrupted access for your teams. Our priority is to assist you promptly with any queries or issues you might have.We have inbuilt chatbot that connects you with a support professional instantly. Also SLA’s that can be discussed at the time of contract. For more information, inquiries, or specific questions, please feel free to contact our Sales team at or visit our website at

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