Testing Tools and Frameworks Integration that makes app testing a cakewalk.

OpKey Automation Testing


OpKey is an Automation framework which allows users to create Automation scripts in a script less way. pCloudy has seamless integration with OpKey to create and run Automation scripts for Mobile Apps.

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Appium today is the preferred choice for Mobile App Automation. pCloudy allows all kind of Appium scripts to be run on pCloudy devices. Moreover, pCloudy is the only platform which allows concurrent unlimited parallel runs of Appium scripts on multiple devices.

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Run your Selenium scripts for cross browser testing on Mobile Web.


Run Espresso scripts on multiple Android devices in parallel. You can either upload the scripts to pCloudy or use DeviceTunnel feature to run the scripts.

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Run Calabash scripts on both IOS and Android Devices.

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Run Robotium scripts on Android Devices.