Pricing Packages

Public Cloud

Pay As You Go
  • Small
    $4910 hours
    • $4.9 Per Hour
    • Device Reservation Upto 12 Hours
    • Run Automation scripts
    • Access Multiple Devices At A Time
    • Single User
    • Email Support
  • Team
    $14950 hours
    • $2.98 Per Hour
    • Device Reservation Upto 12 Hours
    • Run Automation scripts
    • Access Multiple Devices At A Time
    • Three Users
    • Email Support
  • Business
    $249100 hours
    • $2.49 Per Hour
    • Device Reservation Upto 12 Hours
    • Run Automation scripts
    • Access Multiple Devices At A Time
    • Five Users
    • Email Support
Pay as you go plans don’t have automatic renewal. These plans will be valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.
Monthly/Annual Package
  • Team
    $200month paid annually
    • 250$/month paid monthly

    • 100 device Hrs/Month

    • 2.5$/additional hour
    • Android & IOS Devices
    • Automatic Run
    • Multiple login (3)
    • -
    • -
    • Email & Chat Support
  • Business
    $800month paid annually
    • 1000$/month paid monthly

    • 500 device Hrs/Month

    • 2$/additional hour
    • All Android and IOS devices
    • Automation run
    • Multiple Login (up to 10)
    • Rollover of device hours
    • Priority booking of devices available
    • Email, chat and call support
  • Enterprise
    • Customised for your need

Frequently Asked Questions

Device Bookings and Reservations
  • What is max. duration a device can be reserved?
    Any device based on availability can be booked for upto 12 hours. For free usage, the booking is limited to maximum of 45 minutes. For details on subscription plans and bulk booking please write to us at
  • What is booking cancellation policy?
    Booking can be cancelled only 24hours in advance. Once booked, the corresponding credits are deducted from your account, irrespective of your actual device usage.
  • How many devices can I book?
    The only limit to device booking is based on available credits. You can book any number of devices as long as you have sufficient credits for the same.
  • Can I access multiple devices simultaneously?
    Yes. You can access any number of devices by using different tabs or windows in your browser. You would need to book devices in advance to ensure availability.
  • Can I change the duration of booking after reservation or during the session?
    No. Your Reservations are available only for stipulated period selected by you. We do not allow change of slot duration or slot schedule. You also cannot extend your session. We encourage you to plan your testing activities and reserve devices to ensure sufficient uninterrupted device access.However, you can cancel your booking 24 hrs in advance, for which there will be no charges.
  • What is Device hour?
    Device hour is the total no of hour you can use the devices for your testing.
About our device cloud
  • What are the supported OS flavors for Android and IOS?
    We support all the widely used versions. Any new version launched in the market is supported immediately. Here is a snapshot of current situation.
    Android : We have Android devices with OS version from 2.3 to 7.0.
    IOS : We have IOS devices from 7.0 to 9.3.4
  • What are the different screen resolutions and processors (Dual-Core, Quad-Core etc..) you are providing?
    Our carefully selected device matrix has devices cover most of the screen resolution, processor and chip type.
  • Is there support for iOS and Windows platform?
    Currently we are working on a solution for iOS. We choose to refrain from committing a date for the same. We are in watch mode for Windows, if the platform gains more traction we will support it.
  • How Usage is calculated?
    Each device hour is 60 credits which means each minute is one credit. No of credits are deducted based on no of minutes/hours that you book your device for.
  • What are the supported OS flavors?
    We are currently supporting all the versions of Android and IOS. As soon as a new version is available in the market, we provide the support in shortest possible time.
  • How to write test scripts? Can we automate our already written test cases? Any criteria to use this feature?
    We currently support Robotium. You will have to write Robotium scripts for your test cases. Please write to us for additional details on writing robotium scripts for your app.

  • What all tools are supported for Automation runs?
    We currently support Appium, Calabash, Espresso, Robotium and MonkeyTest script execution on our platform. Besides, we have our Automation plug-in opKey (