Rapid Automation Testing Tool

Faster Deployments Of Apps With Rapid Automated Mobile App Testing

Automation Testing Tool
As Easy As Automated Testing Can Get

Easy Integration

Add few lines of codes to your automation framework and you are all set to go

No Framework Change

You don’t need to change your automation testing framework to work with pCloudy.

Flexibility With APIs

Use our Rest APIs for advance integrations and smooth automation testing

Supporting Tools

Use our in-built tools like Object Spy, Appium script generator to speed up your Test creation

Elevate your Mobile App Test Automation with your favorite Automation frameworks
Work Smarter with Appium anytime

Run the inspector sessions directly on Android and iOS devices. View the details alongside clicking on he element with the bilateral view and save your time and efforts in multi folds. Inbuilt Appium Script recorder Cut down your effort and time in writing complex Appium scripts. Just record, play... Read more...

Seamless experience with Espresso Run your Espresso Scripts on hundreds of mobile devices and build quality apps faster than ever.
Speedy test automation with XCUITRun automated mobile app tests on iOS devices using automation testing framework, XCUItest and easily develop UI tests for user’s interaction with the application.
Build Your Automation Project With Our Automation Studio
Automated Testing

Our automation studio does not put testers to test. With the growing demand for faster time-to-market, Automation Studio makes app tests unified where tests can be automated by anyone in the entire team and not just by the automation engineers or developers. This can accelerate and scale up the delivery of apps multi-folds with codeless test automation.

Codeless Automation Testing Tool To Unify Your App Tests

Zero code scripting

Create automation scripts without writing a single line of code. Make your app tests unified where tests can be automated by anyone in the entire team and not just by the automation engineers or developers with codeless test automation tools.

1000+ Keywords For App Actions And Verifications

With over 1000 keywords available you will hardly need it, but in case you need to go beyond, you can register your custom Keywords in Java\VBS. And once registered, these keywords would be available just like normal Keywords.

Support For Model Based And BDD Framework

Create a model of your application with drag and drop canvas and it can automatically generate 200 test cases from your model within 10 minutes. It also supports Acceptance test driven development and Behavior driven development out of box.

Easy Script Maintenance

In order to allow easy maintenance of your test, we store the objects of your application in a separate object repository which you can easily modify without impacting your script. You can also add an object manually for Day Zero automation.

Certifaya – Single Click Autonomous App Certification With Bots

Just upload your app and wait for the bot to deliver a comprehensive test report for the app. Running Crash Test Scenarios The bot runs the crash test covering several installations/uninstall scenarios along with random events on the App, that too, on multiple devices. It is the best way to do a sanity check for every change in your App. Swift and Deep Exploratory Tests Certifaya smart testing bot crawls the app automatically and navigates through the app path like any human would do, collecting all the relevant data for the app. The user will get a comprehensive report on the app’s functionality and performance on multiple devices.

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Other Product Capabilities
Test Analytics

Analyze the auto generated detailed test report to enhance the testing efficiency and share the report with your team for better collaboration.

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Mobile DevOps

Increase Agility, Improve Reliability and deliver faster with continuous feedback and continuous integration on remote devices.

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Cross Browser Testing

Perform cross-browser tests of your web-apps and websites by running tests across a range of browser versions, screen resolutions, OS, etc on our Browser Lab.

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Automation Studio

Create scriptless automation tests to reduce the release cycle and deliver quality app in less time.

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Frequently asked questions

Rapid Automation or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) refers to the action of automating complete daily routine manual tasks to automating and optimizing the business processes. RPA can be categorized into two segments Simple RPA and Cognitive RPA. Simple RPA doesn’t require much intelligence as it automating simple routine daily tasks with the help of rules and basic automation techniques. Cognitive RPA refers to automation that involves human action or command for processing of the RPA.

Since RPA is focused on fixing Business Process automation, any gaps that hinder the app development and test life cycles get fixed. And Since App testing relies heavily on test automation. Having a robust Test Automation workflow along with RPA would furthermore accelerate the entire release cycle.

Both Test Automation and Robotic Test Automation sound similar in terms of their functions of accelerating tasks using Automation. However, they are both used for different purposes. Test Automation is used to automate product test cases, but Rapid Test Automation is used to automate business processes. Another key difference is that to perform Test Automation, you will need to have some programming skills, however, with Robotic Test Automation learning a programming language is not a mandatory.

Choosing the right Automation Tools that fits your needs, budget and customizations is a primary driving factor to ensure automating your mobile app testing tasks. Identifying the need for automating tasks, and understanding where exactly automation will help your app testing is another important aspect to keep an eye out for.

Rapid Automation Techniques provide a ton of benefits as a business. Efficiency being a key factor, Rapid Automation enables businesses to be more agile and efficient in streamlining the workflows with much ease. Accuracy is another aspect which is easily enhanced when we take the help of these Rapid Automation practices, due to the elimination of human error. When efficiency and Accuracy are improved, the overall productivity is also enhanced.

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