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Decoding Testing Strategies: Manual Testing Vs Automation Testing
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Dive into the fundamentals of Test Automation – The No Code Way. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of Low/No-Code Automation Tools, exploring their significance, adoption benefits, and a detailed comparison of Low Code vs No Code vs Traditional Automation. This whitepaper is designed to equip you with insights into the evolving landscape of test automation and how embracing a No Code approach can revolutionize your app testing processes.


  • Introduction
  • Manual Testing vs Automation Testing: Which is Better?
    1. What is Manual Testing?
    2. What is Automation Testing?
    3. How To Perform Manual Testing?
    4. When To Use Manual Testing?
    5. When To Use Automation Testing?
    6. How To Perform Automation Testing?
    7. Automation Testing Best Practices
  • Select the right test cases for automation
  • Choose a good automation testing tool
  • Implement proper bug documentation and test reporting
  • Can automation replace manual testing?
  • How To Switch From Manual Testing To Automation Testing?
  • Difference Between Manual vs Automation Testing
  • How pCloudy can help in both Manual and Automation testing
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