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A Test Efficiency Playbook for Application Leaders
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Most Enterprises and Global Capability Centers (GCCs) face challenges in implementing
new strategies due to their never-ending decision-making process. But what if we were to
help you simplify this process by providing all the information you need to make a quick
decision to enhance your test efficiency. Here’s a playbook that does exactly that.

We have curated a Test efficiency playbook for CIOs and digital leaders alike who are tired
of slow testing processes and age-old legacy testing system. Take a transformative leap
from traditional Quality Assurance (QA) to Quality Engineering (QE). Overcome the
challenges of legacy testing systems by taking a modern unified testing approach.

Gain practical insights on leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML)
and gather valuable nuggets from our insightful analysis on the latest trends that are
shaping QE.

Help your organization scale greater heights by implementing various testing strategies to
enhance test optimization, ROI, team productivity, etc. Draw key takeaways from leading
success stories and learn how a modern unified testing approach will help drive agility,
innovation, and excellence in the organization.


    • Introduction
    • The World of Quality Assurance
    • Challenges with Ensuring Efficiency
    • Moving from Legacy to A Modern Approach
    • Current Trends in Quality Engineering
      1. Trend 1: AI Augmented Testing
      2. Trend 2: No Code Automation
      3. Trend 3: Cloud Adoption for Testing Environments
      4. Trend 4: Unified Platform Approach – One Single Platform
    • Moving from Efficiency to Agility
    • Success Stories
    • Unified Testing Approach with Pcloudy
    • About Us
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