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Device Coverage Report 2024
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Discover the ultimate guide to effective testing with our Device Coverage Report 2024.
Tailored to your needs, this report draws insights from over 300K+ users, revealing the top
30 preferred devices for testing in key regions like the US and India. Whether you’re
navigating device fragmentation or targeting maximum market penetration, this resource
offers actionable recommendations specific to your testing objectives. Benefit from insights
on popular devices, usage patterns, and geographical trends to optimize your testing
strategies. Don’t leave your app’s performance to chance; leverage our Device Coverage
Report to make informed decisions and ensure seamless user experiences across the
devices that matter most to you.


  • Introduction
  • The Growing Device Market
  • New Wave of Connectivity
  • The Need for App Testing
  • App Testing Challenges
    • Device Fragmentation
    • OS Fragmentation
    • Screen Fragmentation
  • Popular Devices and Browsers
    • Popular Devices & Browsers Used in 2023
    • Most Used Browsers Worldwide
    • Most Used Mobile Devices in Different Regions
  • About the Report
  • Device Planner – The Perfect Solution
  • About Us


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