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Every App Leader’s Guide to AI Augmented App Testing
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AI and ML have become buzzwords that’s been widely used to gather attention and curiosity in business leaders alike much like the title of this whitepaper. However, we have used it in its true sense to provide in-depth knowledge about large language models and AI algorithms that are changing the app testing landscape. We believe this Guide will be your north star to AI Augmented Testing.  

Take a deep dive into the latest studies in the AI Augmented Testing space to explore, learn and implement various proven AI strategies that have helped business scale up their solutions. What’s more? We have given a detailed insight into Pcloudy’s AI ML models like Self-healing, Visual AI, etc and AI Bots like SyncTest and Certifaya Exploratory Bot. Make the most of our client testimonies who have been using these tools and AI models to accelerate their app testing efforts and scale quickly. Happy Reading!  


    • The Evolution of Testing 
    • Rise of AI 
      1. AI Democratization 
      2. Generative AI 
      3. Understanding Gen AI & LLMs.
    • The AI Augmented Testing Revolution 
    • AI in DevOps 
    • Impact of AI in Testing 
    • How are Businesses Using AI in Testing?
    • Pcloudy’s AI Stack 
    • About Us 
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