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Android Tunnel With Desktop Assistant


pCloudy Desktop Assistant (PDA):

This app was a much demanded one which enables users to access the most used features of pCloudy like Wildnet, Android tunnel and iOS connect at a single place.


  • In case of multiple clouds,PDA provides the benefit to test these features on multiple clouds at a single place without the hassle of logging in to different clouds.
  • Using PDA, users can save time as they don't have to download different jars or .exe files for using these features.
  • PDA provides a facility to use Direct and Debug proxy.


  • Download PDA from https://github.com/pankyopkey/pda-build-distribution/releases
  • Users should be registered on the pCloudy platform.
  • How to install

    For Mac:

    Download PDA and move it to Applications.

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    Open PDA from Applications


    For Linux:

    Download PDA > Right click the app icon > Click on properties

    Check the Execute box under Permissions


    For Windows:

    Download PDA, install and run the application


    Step 1: Authentication

    Enter the mandatory fields-:

    • Email address
    • Access Key
    • Cloud url

    How to get the Access Key

    • To get the Access key - Login to pCloudy platform->Go to Profile and click on Settings->Copy the access key

    • Enter the Cloud URL
      Example: https://device.pcloudy.com/
    • Enter the fields and click on arrow button.


      After successful authentication, user will see Android Tunnel

      Note: Users can use one or more than one feature as per their need at a time.

      Android Tunnel

      Steps to use Android tunnel

    • Click on Android tunnel feature.All the device present on the cloud will appear under selected device as shown below
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    • Select the device,select the duration and click on start device tunnel
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    • Once the process is initialized,your devices will be booked and a Success notification will appear as shown in the below screenshot. Once the device is connected, it will appear in PDA under connected device label.
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    • Once the process is successfully initiated ,user can see the notification as shown below-:
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    • Open terminal/cmd in the computer. Enter command adb devices
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    • Goto the Device page and click on” My Bookings”. Connect the device by clicking on the Cloud button as shown below
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    • Once the connection is established, allow USB debugging. Now the user can push ADB commands to the device.
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      To disconnect the device ,click on Disconnect button or you can disconnect the device from the portal also.


      Important note:
      PDA provides the benefit to add multiple clouds.
      Steps to add multiple cloud

    • Click on Add cloud and the details
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    • Once the cloud is added user can switch between the cloud using Active Logins filter as shown below
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