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Analyzing Reports

pCloudy allows users to see the performance metrics for the mobile application under test.

Once a user is done with testing and release the device, a report is generated for the review. User can check it by navigating to the Report tab, selecting the desired session and clicking on icon present under action.

pCloudy prepares below mention details for users to analyze:

Battery ChartThis helps to monitor battery consumption of app under test.
Memory ChartThis helps to monitor memory usage of app under test.
CPU chartThis helps to monitor CPU usage of app under test
Frame Rendering TimeThis helps to check how many time the user switched between the screen.
Network ChatUser can check uploading and downloading speed.
SnapshotUser can check all the snapshot from here
LogsUser can download check the logs of app under test.
VideosUser can view whole video of his/her app testing.

The user just need to connect a device for testing and install the application on the device.

Now, click on the "ANALYSIS" icon as shown in the given below screenshot.Then click to "Click to choose an app for performance graph" to initiate the performance analysis.


This will open a dialog box which will show the list of application user has installed in a given session. User can choose the application for which he/she wants to see the performance graph.

performance graph

Start monitoring the live data usage, CPU & Memory consumption by the application on the given graph. User can scroll over the mouse over the graph to check the values present on the graph.

monitoring live data


Users can also view the performance details once the testing session is complete.

Just navigate to 'Reports->All Reports > Select the test_file name>click on Action button for it.'


Select the desired session name and click on the icon present under action.

The user will able to see the selected device details ,Performance chart ,snapshot and videos,logs and snapshot.

If a user finds any bug while reviewing the report, he/she can directly log the bug in JIRA by just clicking on "Log a Bug".

Log a bug

"Expand all" button will expand all the chart for the user to view.

Expand all

Users can view all their reports on expanding the tab.

view all reports

Share Reports

Users can also share the reports generated for the tests performed on the app. To do that, users need to go to DEVICES page and click on the Settings in the drop down list under the user name at the top right corner.

device settings

In the profile page, the user need to switch on the toggle button to enable sharable report.

toggle button

Once the user does that, he/she will get the success message. In that message the user needs to click on the Reports.

success message

This will take the user to the Reports page. In the All Reports tab, the user will see the copy icon under Action. Just click on it and the report link will be copied which can be shared via email.

copy icon