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Monitoring performance metrics

pCloudy allows you to see the performance metrics for the mobile application under test. In order to get insightful performance data for the app under test, make sure you have followed the following steps:

  • Login to your registered pCloudy account
  • Upload your app from My App/Data page as shown here
  • Go to Device page and connect to a device you want to test your app on
  • Once the device is connected, install the app on device as shown here

pcloudy prepares below mention things for you to check

Battery ChartThis helps to monitor battery consumption of app under test.
Memory ChartThis helps to monitor memory usage of app under test.
CPU chartThis helps to monitor CPU usage of app under test
Frame Rendering TimeThis helps to check how many time you switched between the screen.
Network ChatUser can check uploading and downloading speed.
SnapshotUser can check all the snapshot from here
LogsUser can download check the logs of app under test.
VideosUser can view whole video of his/her app testing.