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Network Simulation

Simulated networks – Network related tests for mobile apps need not be such a hassle if the testers are given full control of the network being used. Using a simulated lab network, testers can easily test their mobile apps by simply selecting a network profile and applying it to the device in use. The network profiles carry different parameters like Delay and Upload/Download speed. This feature helps testers to replicate a myriad of network conditions for testing mobile apps.

How to test the apps by simulating different network conditions?

Applying a Network Profile (Shaping)
  • Login to pCloudy
  • Select and connect to a device
  • Click on Network tab
Select Network
  • A dialogue box opens up containing different simulated network profiles
  • Select a profile and click on 'Shape' button.
Click on shape button

User will be notified after successful shaping of the network profile.

Network Profile
  • The selected network condition will be applied to the device.
  • Test the app on selected network condition.

Changing network profile

During the testing session, if a user needs to test the app on other network conditions, the user can select the 'Network ' feature and select any desired network by shaping the same.

Click on unshape button