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Running ADB commands

The Android Debug Bridge (adb) provides a Unix shell which you can use to run various commands on an emulator or a connected Android device.

pCloudy also allows you to execute ADB Shell command on the connected device.

  • Select your desired device from the list and connect.
  • Once the device is ready for testing, click on "Execute ADB" icon.

Step 1 Enter ADB shell command to the given text box and click on Execute

enter adb shell command

Step 2 ADB shell command execution result


Step 3 Results can be copied for future use as shown below


ADB commands for reference

Adb Shell commandsAction performed by command
adb shell dumpsys batterystatscollects battery data from your device
adb shell lslist directory contents
adb shell ls -ado not hide entries starting with
adb shell ls -iprint index number of each file
adb shell ls -sprint size of each file, in blocks
adb shell ls -nlist numeric UIDs and GIDs
adb shell ls -Rlist subdirectories recursively
adb shell netstatlist tcp connectivity
adb shell pwdprint current working directory location
adb shell dumpstatedumps state
adb shell psprint process status
adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -d http://www.stackoverflow.comopens browser
adb shell am start -t image/* -a android.intent.action.VIEWopend gallery