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Opening Web URL

Cross Browser Testing is a process to test web applications across multiple browsers. Cross-browser testing or browser compatibility testing is needed to ensure that the application works as expected in all browsers and ensures that the application works correctly across different web browsers.

pCloudy allow to perform cross-browser testing using "Web URL" feature.

Let's see Web URL feature in details:

This feature allows users to launch any URL in any selected browser (Crome, Dolphin, Firefox, Opera, UC-Browser etc).

The pre-requisite for this step are:

  • Login to the registered account
  • Go to the Device Page and connect to a device

Step 1: Click on the "WEB URL" icon.


Step 2: Enter the "URL" in the text field.

Step 3: Select the "Browser" in which the URL has to open.

Step 4: Click on "LAUNCH".

Launching Browser

This will open the entered URL in the selected browser on the phone and success message appears on screen.

Open a Website