Accessing Free Devices
  • 27 Mar 2023
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Accessing Free Devices

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pCloudy allows you the access a few devices and browser for free as part of the Trial period. You can make of most of this period to get a feel for the platform and understand it's capabilites to evaluate the platform to fit your testing needs.

Steps to Access Free Devices on the platform

  1. After loging into the account, users will be directed to a Trial page where you will be able to view a few free devices, browsers and Automation Runs.
  2. Select any one of the available devices on the platform and click Connect.
  3. On the device connection page the user can perform various functions to test their apps.

Note: The user will be given 60 free mintues in the free trial period. You can use this time to run your app tests on -

  • Free devices and browsers
  • Appium Automation

List of actions that can be performed on the platform in free trial:

  • Access to Free devices and Browsers
  • Access to Free Appium Automation Run
  • Connecting to devices
  • Uploading the app from local system
  • Taking Screenshots
  • Bug logging
  • Access to device logs
  • Access to Performance metrics

List of actions that cannot be performed on the platform in free trial:

  • Access to Settings
  • Google Playstore
  • Create Google account
  • SIM card features

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