Installing Secure Apps
  • 05 Apr 2023
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Installing Secure Apps

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Some apps that are secure would give you a blank screen upon installing it on any device on the platform. When you do see a black/blank screen or a secure screen upon installation of an application on the pCloudy device, you will need to disable security and install the app again to test. Follow these steps to disable the security and continue testing.


  • Login to your registered account on
  • Select desired device from the Device page and proceed by installing the app that is uploaded on the cloud or upload it afresh from your local system.


  1. If you have already connected to a device and are on the device connection screen. You can simply click on release and release the device.
  2. The user will need to select the My App/Data option from the side panel to access the uploaded apps.
  3. The user will need to select the three dots on the android icon and choose “Sensor Testing”. You will get a success message at the bottom of the screen saying Sensor Testing enabled.
  4. The user can now go back and connect to any devices and install the instrumented app once the device is connected.

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