Uploading an iOS App
  • 10 Apr 2023
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Uploading an iOS App

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To start testing apps on the platform, you will first need to learn how to upload them on the platform to install them on the devices and perform the required testing tasks. In this documentation you will learn how to upload an iOS App on the platform to test on various devices on the platform.

Important: Please ensure that the iOS app has been resigned to ensure its readiness or add the device UDID in the app provisioning profile before you install it on the device. Link to Regisnging Process.


By the end of this documentation you will learn how to Upload an iOS App on the pCloudy platform

  1. Login to the platform with your registered Email ID and Password
  2. Select the "My Data" option from the side panel.
  3. On the "My Data" Page, Click on the "Upload File" button.
  4. Click on "Browse" to select the ipa file from your local system.
  5. Select the ipa file from the local system and Click "Open".
  6. The selected ipa file will get uploaded and a success message will appear.
  7. Once the ipa file is uploaded you will be able to view it in the My Data page as show in the video.

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