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Find a device

Now that you have uploaded your app on pCloudy platform for test, you might be looking for real devices to test your apps on. Don't worry, we have got you covered.

In order to find devices of your choice,

Go to the Devices page and click on Remote Access.

find a device

You can search devices by typing device names, OS, version numbers or models using the Search tab.

Search Device

You can also reduce your search by sorting it out based on OS, OEM, screen size, network and device location filters placed next to the device list. Click on filters and select the OS, OEM, Screen size, network, device location from the drop down list.


Here is a list of legends you might come across while trying to connect to a device.

Connect Devices available on cloud to test apps instantly
NATimeDevices are busy/ already in use by other user
Send MailDevices are offline and are not available for public cloud users
restrictedPaid devices that can only be accessed after purchasing a subscription plan

You can either connect to a device available on the platform, or book a device not available for future use.