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Installing android app

Login to your registered account on device.pcloudy.com

Let's see it in detail.

To Install:

Click on "INSTALL" icon button present on the right pane. Once clicked, a pop-up is displayed which have three options

  • Install from my App data - enables user to upload app on device.
  • Upload App - Upload and install an app from your local system.
1. Install from My App Data

Click on "INSTALL" icon as shown below

select from my app data

Select "INSTALL FROM MY APP DATA" and choose the app to install.

Installing App Name

Once the Installation is complete, notification appears in and the app is launched automatically on the device.

Now you can start testing your app.

app installed

2. Upload App: Click on "Browse APP" to browse and upload the app from the local system.

Browse App

Note: “Upload App” take more time than "install from MyApp/Data".

This is because when a user selects “Upload App” ,the file is first uploaded to cloud drive then to device.