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Installing android app

Login to your registered account on device.pcloudy.com

Let's see it in detail.

To Install:

Click on "INSTALL" icon button present on the right pane. Once clicked, a pop-up is displayed which have three options

  • Install from my App data - enables user to upload app on device.
  • Push to Device - This feature allows you to transfer your test data to the device.
  • Upload App - Upload and install an app from your local system.
1. Install from My App Data

Click on "INSTALL" and select "INSTALL FROM MY APP DATA".

select from my app data

During the process of Installation; “Installing app_name” notification is displayed.

Installing App Name

Once the Installation is complete, notification appears in and the app is launched automatically on the device.

Now you can start testing your app.

app installed 2. Push to Device

This feature allows you to transfer your test data to the device.

If your test application needs test content to be available on the device, you can transfer the test content to the device using this feature. From Push tab you can select any file/files to be transferred to the device. Once you select the data and click on the “Push” button at the bottom the selected data gets transferred to Swap Box on the device.

Once the data gets pushed you can find the same at below location in the phone./mnt/sdcard/SwapBox

Let's see this with the help of Snapshots.

Click on "INSTALL" and select "Push to Device".

Push to device

Once the app is pushed, you will able to see notification on screen.

Push Completed

You can check the pushed app in "SwapBox"

Swap Box

Click on the app to install.

Click on the app to install

3. Upload App: Click on "Browse APP" to browse and upload the app from the local system.

Browse App