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Resigning process

How Re-Signing Works?

On iOS, we replace the embedded provisioning profile with a wildcard profile and resign the app. Resigning the iOS app results in the removal of certain entitlements. This includes App Group, Associated Domains, Game Center, HealthKit, HomeKit, Wireless Accessory Configuration, In-App Purchase, Inter-App Audio, Apple Pay, Push Notifications, and VPN Configuration & Control.

To ensure the complete testing of your iOS application, we suggest you test the application on a physical iOS device before testing on our device cloud or ask dev team to add the UDID’s to developers profile and rebuild the ipa to test on pCloudy devices.

Tips while using Automated Signing:

  • Follow Apple Guidelines while configuring build parameters.
  • Build and Archive the application with Target as Generic Device.
  • Make sure Archived IPA file name does not have spaces/special characters.

Note: Resigning server will work only if Bundle ID is 'com.*'. If you have any other Bundle ID, resigning will not work. You have to then resign using manual resign process using UDID approach given below or change the Bundle ID to 'com.*'.

Please follow the below mentioned steps for resigning iOS app.

1. Login into pCloudy.com.

2. Goto "My App Data"

3. Upload your app under test (.ipa file) by clicking upload File button.

My App Data

4. Select the App and Click on "Re-sign" icon present under Action.

IPA Resigning

5. Resigning process will start as shown below


6. Click on( "+" )sign to verify if resigned application is generated.


7. You can see the application with “Resigned” tag as shown below


8. Connect to desired iOS Device and Click Install , it will install the application on the device and now your app is ready for testing.


Get UDID from pCloudy for manual resigning process

If you are unable to do the automated resigning, then you can resign manually using the UDID.

UDID stands for Unique Device Identifier. Each iPhone or iPod Touch has a Unique Device Identifier (UDID), which is a sequence of 40 letters and numbers that is specific to your device. You can copy the UDID and paste it in your Apple Developer account to resign manually.

Follow the below mentioned steps to find the UDID:

  • Login with your credentials.
  • Go to 'DEVICES' tab.
  • Go to "UDID" to check the UDID.
Manual Resigning

This contains UDID’s of all the iOS devices which are available on pCloudy platform

Manual Resigning

Select the device and copy the UDID as shown below

Manual Resigning