Release Note 5.8
  • 29 Mar 2023
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Release Note 5.8

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With a focus to constantly improve and make your app testing efforts seamless and fast, we bring forth a fresh set of features and updates on our platform through pCloudy 5.8.

In pCloudy 5.8 we have added some exciting, unique features that will benefit our customers and partners to perform tests efficiently.

New Feature

  • XCTest Integration: One of the major additions to the platform is the integration of XCTest on the pCloudy platform. Users can use the iOS devices on the pCloudy.
  • Same Model Same Version Support : Users can run automation tests on the Same Model and Same Version across devices.


  • Appium 1.19 : The latest version of Appium which is 1.19 is now fully supported on the pCloudy platform.
  • QR Code Automation for Android : We have upgraded the QR Code Scanner to automate tests for Android. Users can now execute QR Code Test Automation for Android Devices.
  • Object Spy Support : We have extended the Object Spy Support to iOS 14 for iOS devices and Android 11 for devices running the Android OS.
  • Wildnet Configuration : The newest addition to the Wildnet feature is the ability to configure a Proxy setup to test on private servers. We have also upgraded the wildnet configuration to v2.0

These new features and updates on pCloudy 5.8 are focussed on making it easy for our customers and clients to make testing seemingly fast and intuitive. We continue to strive for excellence and upgrade consistently to be future-ready. Incase you need to access detailed information regarding any features on the platform, you can search and access it on our documentation library.

For any further assistance, you can contact our technical support team.

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