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Functional Testing

Functional Tests


Full Html5 Browser Functionality

Accessing our device cloud is so simple that even a caveman can do it, no Additional software to install or special network settings. Access to real devices is a Single-click away using any Html5 browser. With security being our primary concern, we have ensured information is protected and secure over web sockets. Getting started with our device cloud is simple and decure.

Location Testing

Remotely connect your phone anywhere in the world to launch our testing platform. Location based application testing has never been easier. There are no location restriction for your testing requirements. Simply single-click test from the Eiffel Tower, if that is your thing.

Location Testing
Performance Metrics

Performance Metrics Tools

We provide intelligent tools like CPU and memory profiling and network usage monitoring. In addition, we offer live performance metrics through real-time access and test automation. You are able to analyze performance bottlenecks, CPU usage, memory consumption, network usage monitoring, and critical paths on popular real devices.

Full-Resolution Screen Shots

Quick and easy capture of app screenshots or responsive web layouts.

How we capture screenshots is now dramatically simplified. Get full resolution, i.e. 1:1 pixel, screenshots anytime during the use of the device through our cloud. You can now instantly share and report problems or capture app layouts with our platform. Simply, upload your app and receive screenshots on popular devices. Our devices are “out-of-the-box” factory settings and are never altered or manipulated. This allows you greater reliability and accuracy. Knowing your app better will allow you to build better apps.

Full Resolution Screenshots
Cloud Drive Testing

Cloud Drive

Up to 10GB Cloud Storage for your test data, reports and more. 

Ease of test and development workflow is our primary goal in designing this service. At pCloudy, we provide a large Cloud Drive space to manage all your apps and test data. Store logs, screenshots and videos on the cloud and share it effortlessly with other users. Ease of collaboration makes teamwork efficient. Sign-up today!

Secure Devices

Market deployed devices

We do not employ any hacks or tamper with the devices. Test your app on market deployed devices that are connected to WiFi and cellular networks on demand

Secure Devices

Automation runs

Test Automator

Multi-device reports straight to your inbox. Test on all device variants.

Our cloud automation service allows you to test your app on multiple devices simultaneously. We support test runs using Robotium, Calabash and Appium. Each test cycle generates powerful graphical reports along with debug logs, screenshots, and session videos.  Moreover, we deliver these reports right into your inbox. Power up your app testing using our Test Automator.

Test Automator


Debugging Tools

Weinre Debugger

Debug your app using weinre

Debugging is essential for fixing bugs, hence, we install your app and debug through weinre which is a remote debugger for hybrid mobile apps, it provides deep access into the internals of your application. Use weinre to efficiently track down layout issues and get insights for code optimization, networks stats and much more.

Chrome Dev Tools

In depth debugging for apps and websites.

Chrome dev tools provide web/app developers deep access into the internals of their application. Use Chrome DevTools to efficiently track down layout issues, set JavaScriot breakpoints, and get insights for code optimization, networks stats and much more.

Chrome Devloper Tools
Debug logs

Debug Logs

Need to debug? Just click a button for live logcat logs streaming.

Install your app and debug via LogCat logs.Set custom filters or get crash dumps and stack traces. All logs are saved automatically, for your reference on Cloud Drive. Get started, debug your app on real devices not on emulators.

Crash Reporting

Instantly report crash in your application with stack trace.

Crash in your application is reported instantly with stack race.

Crash reporting
Session Video

Session Videos

Hi – res video of your device access session. Collaboration made easy.

Get complete video of your device usage to share and analyze you’re your app behavior step-by-step.  Hi Res session video can drive powerful insights into usability and user –experience trials from anywhere in the world. They can test your app on any browser on Real Devices and you get detail session videos of their usage. Build better apps, get on our device Cloud.

Demo Videos